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Friday, July 30, 2010

With One Day Left...

... of July... I'm squeezing in my "Christmas in July" in the "Nick" of time! ;-) Oh yah... It's been so HOT here this Summer my brain got a little warped! LOL!

So, just like the last post stated... I was in front of the air conditioner stitching away on a project for cooler months. Last year, Stacy Nash had hosted a class during the Country Sampler's Boxwood & Berries. As much I totally would have loved to have attended the class in person... Wisconsin and New Jersey are a few miles apart, you know? Lucky for me, when Stacy Nash returned home she posted a few of the leftover kits on eBay... and, I was able to purchase one before they quickly sold out! 

The kit arrived with a prim fabric covered box filled with four sets of instructions, the linen to stitch them on, and beautiful pictures of what the finished pieces should look like. One was for the sampler that is sewed to the top of the box, two were for the ornies and one was for the pinkeep. Beautiful colors in these pieces that were an absolute pleasure to stitch up! 

Here is a picture of the finished sampler stitched on to the top of the fabric covered box...

A closer view of what the sampler looks like...

And, here are the two ornies and the pinkeep. The pinkeep was stuffed with cotton as I will more than likely place it in a bowl with some evergreen potpourri during the Christmas season. The ornies will definitely be on the tree this year!
That's about what I have been doing the past couple of weeks. Had a few nice days where I was actually able to go outside for longer than five minutes without melting down to a puddle on the pavement... it was nice to spend some time in the yard admiring the flowers and feeling a cooler breeze against my skin! Today is pretty nice too! Might just grab a cup of coffee and read a bit out on the back patio...

I wish you all happiness and contentment in the greatness that life has to offer!

Thank you for visiting!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Friday, July 9, 2010

A Fun Forty!

Yes... it's true... today is my 40th Birthday!!!! And, thanks to some dear, sweet people in my life... I've been celebrating for two weeks now!!!

The celebrations began mid-June, when Bob surprised me with some cash and took me for a day out to the Sands in PA. We had a super delicious meal at the Carnegie Deli and did some gambling. It was a super fun day! I even ended the day there with some cash left in my pocket!

So, I took that leftover cash (yes, it was burning a hole in my pocket) and had a party (this past Monday) using my 20% off Birthday Club at Colonial Crafts. The goods haven't arrived yet.... but boy oh boy will there be a whole lot of stitchin' going on when it does get here!!!

We also had a super delicious and large meal in Chinatown of Philadelphia last Saturday. That was my official Birthday Bash and it was GREAT! We brought a long a couple of friends with us and shared a meal that I kept referring to as "Thanksgiving In July"!!! Yep... I ate SO much (it was just THAT good) that I not only had to undo the button on my pants for a comfortable ride home... I also did not get hungry again until the next day at dinnertime! Oh YUM!

Yesterday and today's mail brought some beautiful gifts from some great friends! This first picture is from Chris of Mystical Primitives. The needlepunch sheep make-do is a show-stopper! Just love that it is on a glass door knob! I love glass! There is also a little mousie in a prim pumpkin... Autumn is my favorite time of year for weather and for decorating! And some gorgeous wool (which will be hooked in to the current rug I'm working on), a notepad and a wonderfully scented Pumpkin Spice candle... 

This next picture is a super cool pillow from Joanne!!!! It's wool hooked directly onto a piece of wool!!! She added some rusty jingly bells and buttons in all the perfect places! It's a pretty big pillow (about 2 ft. by 1 ft.)... and it just screams "Hug Me"!!! Plus, I adore snowmen... and this was sent with perfect timing to keep my thoughts cool during this wicked heatwave we are having! :-) Yep... he'll be sitting in my living room for the remainder of Summer, all through fall and on into Winter... he just makes me smile every time I look at him!

I've also received cards with Birthday wishes and some pretty funny emails!!! All in all it was the bestest Birthday I've had in 40 years!!! LOL!

I'd like to end this post by thanking everyone that helped me to celebrate the day! You have no idea how much your humor, talent and generosity mean to me!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

100 Degree Wool

Yep... we are in the middle of a heat wave here in Central Jersey. Today's temperature reached 100 degrees and the heat index was 105. I'm thinking about the 2 feet of snow I was complaining about back in January! LOL! 

Anyways, not much you can do outside... we also have a "air quality alert" here... meaning the levels of ozone are at unhealthy levels and could cause breathing problems... ask me again why I still live here?

As I was saying... since it is safer to be indoors in the air conditioning here, I am downstairs in my hooking room pulling loops on my rug... I've gotten a little further, though not a whole bunch... because for about a week we had the most perfectly gorgeous (sunny, breezy, 70 degree temps with low humidity) weather... and that's the kind of weather you HAVE to get outside and enjoy... knowing full well that it wouldn't last long! :-)

Thanks for taking the time to check in here... stay cool!
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