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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Thing About Leaves...

"Circa 1812 Bookplate"
28" x 54"
Susan Feller

...is that they come in all colors. Depending on the time of year, weather, etc... they can be spring green, dark green, yellow, burgundy, golden orange or rust. Yep... sometimes brown too. Maybe even grey? But when you color plan a rug that has close to 100 leaves in it, how do you decide on what colors to hook the leaves? If all the leaves were the same color, it would look visually boring, no? If the leaves were too many colors, when would it reach the point of being confusingly Crayola? Let's not talk about adding a dozen flowers to the mix here... 

And so... I've started hooking another rug... how much reverse hooking do you think my linen backing can tolerate? Hmmmmmmmmm?


  1. Sharon looking good - and remember not to REVERSE HOOK until at least you got some background in - it looks totally different (and often wonderfully better) with background! Let your imagination go - you have a good color sense

  2. Are you really going to pull that all out? What a shame. But I'm sure your new projet will be beautiful. (I thought your leaves were lovely)

  3. I love how your leaves look Sharon! Can't wait to see more!

  4. I am with Joanne on this one, need to see background before any decision is made. But so far looks good to me. My friends get upset with me cause I have to have either green, gold or rust leaves and I reverse and stick with green but trying to get out of my box here, just hard to teach old dogs new tricks so will take me awhile.

  5. I am with Joanne on this one, lets see some background but I bet they will look great. You do have a good sense of color.

  6. Sharon, if you end up with 2 comments from me it is the age thing, or just a bad day but voting on the 1st one. Geez!!!

  7. It is looking beautiful, Sharon! And your gardens are too! :)

  8. It is looking good to me, love doing fraktur designs in rugs.



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