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Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer is here!

With today being the longest day of the year... I thought I'd share with you one of my longest posts! LOL! I did get a tremendous amount of outside stuff accomplished today. It was sunny, hot and humid... but I had to get outside and celebrate the first day of Summer with some flowers! On to the garden center we went! Trip number one filled a cart... planted them all... trip number two filled a cart... planted all those too! Did some fertilizing and watering... now we wait until they full out and make a fireworks display of color for the rest of the growing season! What a SUPER HAPPY day!

Let's start with an update on those much anticipated tomato plants... they even have flowers and some golf ball sized fruits on them! Oh YUM! Won't be long now!

The next few pictures are of the garden in sections so that you can see the different plants. Most of the larger ones are perennials that have been established for a couple of years. I did manage to get a half dozen more perennials added this year... but a lot of these are annuals. Color. It's all about the color, baby!!!! :-) Remember... it's Summer... not gray blah pooey winter! ;-)

This next little trinket is something I made for an exchange that our online eBay group (An American Primitive Gathering) was having to help celebrate summer. One of the items had to be a strawberry pinkeep. Never made one of those before... so I searched for a free pattern online... and from the basics in those instructions, plus a little bit of alterations... I've been going nutso making strawberries!!!! So, for the exchange, I took a handful of said strawberries and tucked them in a Polaner jelley jar... cut two squares of prairie cloth for the "lid" and secured it with linen twine. Kinda gives them that old fashioned strawberry jam look, don't ya' think?

Then, I made some more for me... and this time just tucked them in a mason jar to display on a bookshelf I have in our front room. The clothes you see in the background are crocheted wash clothes. I've made about 4 so far using Lily brand crochet cotton... one I'm using as a face cloth, but most of the others are just being tucked in a bowl to display with some ornies and pinkeeps. Just adds some visual texture, I think.

And, the other part of an exchange is the goodies that a person receives! LOL! And, here are the generous gifts from Ginger of primitivesbythelightofthemoon. Stop by her blog and see what she's up to! Always many great hooked rugs, penny rugs, stitcheries and adventures with her Grandson being written about there! Thanks so much Ginger!!! I do love all of the treasures you sent me! Especially that strawberry! :-)

Well... Let's see... I think that about it for this week... I hope everyone is having a great Summer. Today might officially be the first day... but we all know we've been outside enjoying warmer air and sunshine for a couple of months now!

Ain't it GREAT?!?!?!?


  1. I love your strawberries - The jar presentation is great. Your garden is beautiful - shows off all of the hard work you have been doing. Have a colorful summer! (Moments in Time)

  2. Sharon~ Your flowers are so pretty and tomato plants are so healthy. I got my tomatoes in in late.
    Love all your goodies! Love the strawberries.

  3. Your gardens look great. I'm so envious! Love the strawberries - and putting them in the jam jar ~~~~ Perfect presentation!

  4. Sharon, LOVE what you did with your strawberries! You did great!
    Your yard looks fantastic. Lots to look at and lots of color!. Will definitely keep you busy this summer. Great way to make yourself go outside even if you don't want too :). I want this summer to feel like it's lasting forever. They always seem to go by soo fast :(.

  5. I love your strawberries that are jammin' in the canning jar! haha! WOW...you certainly got a lot of fun stuff from your swap partner! Love the photos of the yard...especially the moose in the garden.

  6. Sharon - although I can only see a corner of it I love your back patio!! How neat with those patches of color - did you paint those on or are they blocks in the cement??

  7. Beautiful yard and patio! Your strawberries turned out so good and awesome way to display them. Your crocheted wash clothes are really nice!


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