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Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Little Bit of Fun...

Yesterday was a very hot and humid day here in Central Jersey. So hot, that our air conditioners (window units) were barely keeping the house cool. Sooooooo, rather than spend the day melting into the floorboards... we hopped into our air conditioned car and went to our favorite air conditioned casino in Bethlehem, PA! LOL!

Every once in awhile the Sands has special events going on. Yesterday was a book signing by Emeril Lagasse! The hours were from 10:00 am through 2:00 pm... and you needed to purchase a ticket. We arrived at 1:45 pm... so, we missed that.

Emeril has two restaurants in the Sands. One is Emeril's Burgers and More. We've had a meal there... and it has to be THE BEST burger I have ever had in my life! Just so juicy and full of flavor! His other restaurant is Emeril's Chop House. This is a more formal dining experience with some great items on the menu. We haven't tried this place yet. But, yesterday was a special event going on where Emeril (the man himself) will be cooking at the restaurant. Ticket sale in advance would get you a 5 course meal (did I mention it was to be cooked by Emeril?) and a chance to meet him. Well, we did not get tickets for that... but just as we were leaving the casino, I had decided to wander over near the restaurant to see if I could see him! And, sure enough, there he was! Out in the open, speaking to his chef's through the open window area! As I was pointing him out to Bob, Emeril looked up, so I waved and smiled.... and then Emeril smiled and waved back to me!!!! Yay!!!! A small gesture... but it was my celebrity star struck moment of the century! LOL! Something to keep smiling about for a long time!

That's my big story for the week... and I'm sticking to it!


  1. oh Sharon...that's such a fun story! Meeting anyone with any status higher than mine is an event...{grin}

  2. How exciting Sharon!!! I am an Emeril fan! He is such a nice guy, I wasn't surprised at all to read he smiled and waved at you. I would love to try his food. It has cooled way down here it's supposed to be in the low 70's most of the week. Hope you get cooler, less humid temps. too.

  3. HOW COOL!!!
    I've always wanted to eat in one of his restaurants. It's good to get a positive review. I have a few of his cookbooks and like the recipes.
    What a great experience to see him in person! And he's friendly!!!

  4. BAM! Wow, what a moment! Just love those celebrity encounters!

  5. I'll go with your story Sharon - that is fun! So happy it made you smile! I had Little Richard wave and wink to me once - pure fun!


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