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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thank you!

Bob (That Radio Guy) and I would like to say many, many thank you's to everyone that left comments for healing... and strength to knock the smoking habit! All prayers and helpful advice are very much appreciated! Bob is getting better each day and has actually been able to spend some time at the radio bench! Fixed a couple of radios for friends... :-)

A note to Pat... the Philco radio is about 36" high.

We are officially 2 weeks into the smoke free lifestyle! It's been difficult, but each day brings another opportunity to succeed. I still feel the urge to have a cigarette... but quickly remind myself that I can't light up what I don't have! LOL! That's right... not a one butt in the house... I still have the Nicorette gum "just in case"... but that stuff tastes pretty durn awful! So, I've been crunching on M&M's... Going to have to start crunching on watermelon, celery and carrots soon, as my pants are getting tight! LOL!

Some happiness arrived in the mail during the last couple of weeks! It seems that sometimes folks send gifts "just because", but it seems to arrive at a time when it is needed! First to arrive was a wonderful card from Kelley! Very nice saying on the card... and she also wrote a note that it would make a great design for a hooked rug! Pumpkins, saltbox house, sheep and a crescent moon... perfect!!! You know I'm going to give this a try! Kelley sent along some prim sheep tags too... Thanks so much! 
The next to arrive was an early Birthday present from Debbie! Debbie is always creating such gorgeous pieces and posting about them on her blog. I think I may have commented (one time too many) on her blog that I want all of the quilts she creates! LOL! So, she sent me a mini quilt she made! *smile* Beautifully prim stitches and love the wide border! Simply perfect! Debbie also sent along a prim cross stitched pinkeep and a little ducky basket! This little basket will soon be a pinkeep... I just have to get my concentration back long enough to create one for it! LOL! Thanks so much for everything Debbie, I love it all!
I have been quilting and stitching to keep my hands busy. The little brown quilt I started is finished... just needs rinsing and fluffing and then I will post a picture of it. In the meantime, I'll share a picture of a cross stitched piece I have in progress. It's called "Love and Be Loved" by Country Stitches. Absolutely love the recommended DMC color choices for this. Very enjoyable to stitch!
And, in the gardening department... I'm happy to announce that the backyard tomatoes are in place!!! All 4 of them!!! LOL! Planted them Monday as it was supposed to rain all day yesterday... and it did! So, good roots should be forming on these little buggers... and should make for some plump, red and juicy 'maters when the end of July is here... Geeeeeez... that sounds so far away... I want one now! ;-)
So that's about it from the Joisey homestead! It's peaceful, it's warm, it's HOME!

Sunshine smiles being sent your way!


  1. Sharon and that Radio Guy...A great BIG congratulations to you both for taking that plunge. You can do it and you will feel so much better in the long run. Keep up the great work and willpower. Will keep you in prayers for continued success.

  2. Hang in there Sharon!! I'm so proud of you!!! Enjoyed all your pictures!

  3. Hey Sharon. WOW...some nice gifts, there! Everything Debbie does is beautiful! Kelley is just the nicest person! Love what she sent you! Your stitching is gorgeous. I think of you, often and will continue to pray for continued success with not smoking. ohman...fresh tomatoes off the vine...yummy!

  4. Sharon~Your yard is beautiful!! Wow! 2 Weeks that's great. I know how hard it is to quit, at least it was for me. After 2 weeks it just gets easier.

  5. woohoo to both of you for quitting. I am 3 1/2 years free but it isn't easy. Hang in there.

  6. Cuddos to you on quitting smoking..I had a Dr (a gyne no less) tell me when I was pregnant and thought something was wrong to go home and have a cigarette and a cup of coffee..I did what I was told and have attempted many times to quit but it hasn't happened yet..I think it would be easier if I was happier..I do not like where I live right now and am working on changing that by fall.
    My cousin quit smoking with the gum but now she is addicted to the gum...have you ever tried the laser?
    I give you credit for sticking to your guns and I think the weather being nice helps. Keep up the good work.

  7. Congratulations to you both, keep up the good work.
    Love your yard, looks really beautiful. I overdid it yesterday, so today I was a slug and did nothing.


  8. Congratulations Sharon, and to Bob too. That is wonderful, keep it up!! Love your just because gifts. So thoughtful and wonderful. Hope you get mounds of tomatoes!!

  9. Congratualtions Sharon, I am also trying to quit, I just started the prescription Chantix. My 1st smoke free day will be Tuesday, I have already cut back tremendously on my own but this hopefully will help!! Good luck to you guys!!

  10. HI, I stumbled on your blog from another, I quit smoking 3 years ago with Chanitix, I had VERY strange dreams but of course I liked them, my friend couldn't stand it and she stopped taking the pills and started smoking again. I smoked over a pack a day for over 20 years so and I am a very stubborn person, but If I can do it, I think any one can, Good luck I know how hard it is!!!


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