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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Quiltie Officially Finished!

Yupper! The hand quilting took some time as it was my first try at it. But, I picked a leaf looking motif and quilted one into each square... then stitched on the binding... then (very nervously) placed the finished quilt into the washing machine... when the washing was finished I closed my eyes, reached into the machine, grabbed the wet lump and hurredly tossed it into the dryer... set the dry cycle and ran upstairs. When the buzzer went off, I very slowly opened the dryer door and peeked inside... there was my quiltie... ALL IN ONE PIECE!!!! Neither a stitch fell out nor did a seam bust! AWESOME! This first attempt at quilting just might lead to another attempt at something larger? Mebbe...

Right now I have a cross stitched pinkeep to finish...

And I really need to get out the hook and pull some loops on a rug... yes... NEED TO! :-)


  1. Sharon,
    Your quilt is great! It looks like you're a pro at it.

  2. Congrats Sharon!!!!! Your little quilt looks awesome!! I hope you DO try another one. You did a great job on your first!

  3. Shaaarroooon, it's gorgeous!! I love it. Love the colors, everything about it. I can see you moving forward onto another one real soon :). I tried clicking on it to enlarge, but it didn't work. Would love to see a close up of your quilting and what the look is like after the washing. Wonderful job!!!!!!

  4. Good job and the colors are awesome..my favorite :) Keep up the good work :)

  5. Oh my gosh this turned out ADORABLE!!!!!!!! Way to go Sharon!! woohoo!!! :D

  6. Wow such an absolutely AwEsOmE quilt....love the colors!


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