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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I just figured out that I was composing my posts backwards... and because I was typing first, then adding pictures, then copy/pasting the pictures where I wanted them to be in the post... the "click to enlarge" feature had been disabled.

So, I have fixed the last post about the quilt so that you may "click to enlarge" to get a closer view of the quilting as well as the crinkly goodness of a just washed quilt!



  1. That worked great!
    The little quilt is very nice. You have used some beautiful fabrics. I like that Civil War looking stuff!
    Great Job!!!

  2. Sharon, awesome!!! Glad you figured it out. Loved looking at it close up. Sooo, are you working on another :)?

  3. ohhhh, Sharon. Ya gotta be proud of yourself with this...it is AWESOME! The fabrics, the quilting...it is wonderful!


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