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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I just figured out that I was composing my posts backwards... and because I was typing first, then adding pictures, then copy/pasting the pictures where I wanted them to be in the post... the "click to enlarge" feature had been disabled.

So, I have fixed the last post about the quilt so that you may "click to enlarge" to get a closer view of the quilting as well as the crinkly goodness of a just washed quilt!


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Quiltie Officially Finished!

Yupper! The hand quilting took some time as it was my first try at it. But, I picked a leaf looking motif and quilted one into each square... then stitched on the binding... then (very nervously) placed the finished quilt into the washing machine... when the washing was finished I closed my eyes, reached into the machine, grabbed the wet lump and hurredly tossed it into the dryer... set the dry cycle and ran upstairs. When the buzzer went off, I very slowly opened the dryer door and peeked inside... there was my quiltie... ALL IN ONE PIECE!!!! Neither a stitch fell out nor did a seam bust! AWESOME! This first attempt at quilting just might lead to another attempt at something larger? Mebbe...

Right now I have a cross stitched pinkeep to finish...

And I really need to get out the hook and pull some loops on a rug... yes... NEED TO! :-)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thank you!

Bob (That Radio Guy) and I would like to say many, many thank you's to everyone that left comments for healing... and strength to knock the smoking habit! All prayers and helpful advice are very much appreciated! Bob is getting better each day and has actually been able to spend some time at the radio bench! Fixed a couple of radios for friends... :-)

A note to Pat... the Philco radio is about 36" high.

We are officially 2 weeks into the smoke free lifestyle! It's been difficult, but each day brings another opportunity to succeed. I still feel the urge to have a cigarette... but quickly remind myself that I can't light up what I don't have! LOL! That's right... not a one butt in the house... I still have the Nicorette gum "just in case"... but that stuff tastes pretty durn awful! So, I've been crunching on M&M's... Going to have to start crunching on watermelon, celery and carrots soon, as my pants are getting tight! LOL!

Some happiness arrived in the mail during the last couple of weeks! It seems that sometimes folks send gifts "just because", but it seems to arrive at a time when it is needed! First to arrive was a wonderful card from Kelley! Very nice saying on the card... and she also wrote a note that it would make a great design for a hooked rug! Pumpkins, saltbox house, sheep and a crescent moon... perfect!!! You know I'm going to give this a try! Kelley sent along some prim sheep tags too... Thanks so much! 
The next to arrive was an early Birthday present from Debbie! Debbie is always creating such gorgeous pieces and posting about them on her blog. I think I may have commented (one time too many) on her blog that I want all of the quilts she creates! LOL! So, she sent me a mini quilt she made! *smile* Beautifully prim stitches and love the wide border! Simply perfect! Debbie also sent along a prim cross stitched pinkeep and a little ducky basket! This little basket will soon be a pinkeep... I just have to get my concentration back long enough to create one for it! LOL! Thanks so much for everything Debbie, I love it all!
I have been quilting and stitching to keep my hands busy. The little brown quilt I started is finished... just needs rinsing and fluffing and then I will post a picture of it. In the meantime, I'll share a picture of a cross stitched piece I have in progress. It's called "Love and Be Loved" by Country Stitches. Absolutely love the recommended DMC color choices for this. Very enjoyable to stitch!
And, in the gardening department... I'm happy to announce that the backyard tomatoes are in place!!! All 4 of them!!! LOL! Planted them Monday as it was supposed to rain all day yesterday... and it did! So, good roots should be forming on these little buggers... and should make for some plump, red and juicy 'maters when the end of July is here... Geeeeeez... that sounds so far away... I want one now! ;-)
So that's about it from the Joisey homestead! It's peaceful, it's warm, it's HOME!

Sunshine smiles being sent your way!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Five Stressful and Scary Days

It all started last Wednesday, the 5th. "That Radio Guy" woke up with pain by his navel... slowly moving to the right... pain so bad he could not stand up straight...

9:30 in the morning we were at the docs... 12:30 we were in the ER... drinking contrast solution and getting a full gastric CT...


By 6:00 pm he was in the OR... and by 6:25 the surgeon was shaking my hand saying the appendix had been leaking for some time... but was removed laparascopically with no problems whatsoever!

Yay! I was doing the happy dance in the waiting room!

Then the anesthesiologist pulled me into "that room"...

When "that radio guy" was put under for the surgery, they inserted a breathing tube. When the surgery was over, and they went to take the tube out, my dh started having bronchospasms... so they left the tube in...

I'll save you the details... but my dh was sedated and on a respirator from 6:30 Wednesday night until 12:00 noon on Friday. Did you know that the world really can stand still? Very scary... to people in the medical field, this might be a normal every day occurrence, but to the wife of the person on the respirator... it's very traumatic.

The facts behind this instance is that my dh had bronchitis the day he needed surgery, so his lungs were a bit weak. They kept the tube in so that his lungs could heal while getting some "rest" and quite a few inhalation treatments to prevent the spasms. He has been home since Sunday... we have a huge cocktail of inhalers and pills for him to take while he heals his lungs and heals the incision from the appendectomy.

Whew! *smile*

Soooooo, because smoking does not help a person lungs much... and we were locked in a hospital for 5 days without being able to smoke... well... we are quitting!!!!! I purchased Nicorette gum, just for the big time nicotine cravings... but so far it has been better than I thought it would be. Not easy. Just better. Ice water and deep breaths help. And, changing up the routine to avoid the usual "triggers". "That Radio Guy" is doing well with it too... Prayers that we can keep this smoke free lifestyle going would be greatly appreciated! 

That's where I have been... today I have packages to take to the post office and some stitching to do. Other than that, I'll be staring at my husband... because he's home, breathing on his own, playing with radios and smiling!

Have a blessed day!

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