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Saturday, April 17, 2010

The What's, Who's and How's

I had a day all to myself today! Whoo-hoo! Managed to finish the three projects from my last post... what a wonderful feeling it is to pronounce a project "finished"... and then tuck them into places about the home for display!

The front views...

The back views...

The details...

On the left is a cross stitch pattern by Primitive Betty's called "Spring's Tweets". I stitched this 2 strands over one thread on prairie cloth using the pattern's recommended DMC threads. I then took a piece of complimentary fabric from my cotton stash for the back, stuffed it lightly with cotton fill and whip stitched them together using two strands of the brown threads that are in the design itself. Finished size is approximately 4" x 5".

In the center is another Primitive Betty's cross stitch design! This one is called "Tea Thyme In The Garden". I stitched this 2 strands over 2 threads on prairie cloth using the pattern's recommended DMC threads. I then took a piece of complimentary homespun from my stash and stuffed it lightly with cotton fill. Finished size is approximately 8" square.

And lastly, on the right is a needle punch make-do pattern by Brenda Gervais of Country Stitches called "Home Tweet Home". This pattern arrived already drawn onto the weaver's cloth, so I just started punching with the recommended 3-strand Valdani's! I then backed it with osnaburg and stuffed lightly with cotton. The original pattern called for an antique oil can for the base... but I did not have one of these... so I "made-do" with a silk thread spool I had purchased at a flea market a couple of months back. I then stitched my initials and date into a wool heart and attached it to the back of the bird. The final touch is a weathered tie of osnaburg. It stands about 8" high. Actually... looking at the pic, I can see I forgot this little birdie's button eye! LOL! I'll stitch that on later... maybe... ;-)

So that is it in a nutshell! I'm getting ready to have a nice bowl of hot chicken soup for dinner. It's been cloudy, windy and cool all day... 'tis the ever changing weather of Spring... 

After dinner, I hope to get stitching on a lap-sized quilt I have in mind. Simple squares... keeping it "low stress" for my first official quilt!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love the needle punch bird on the old spool! The cross stitch ones are very nice too. Can't wait to see the quilt.

  2. Wonderful finishes Sharon! I know what you mean about feeling good when you finish something. It's a real feeling of accomplishment. I like your bird without the button eye but I'm sure he'd look good either way.Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a good feeling to get three projects finished in one day. Great job and beautiful stitcheries and make-do. Can't wait to see your lap quilt.

  4. Congrats on finishing 3 projects! They all turned out wonderfully! Your stitching and finishing are beautiful!

  5. Love them ALL Sharon! You must feel great just sitting back and enjoying them now... Love when things get completed! Good job, and can't wait to see your quilt. Had to giggle though. your first one and you are doing a "lap sized quilt"?? You are ambitious. Mine is tiny lol.

  6. They came out beautifully and you did a wonderful job on the finishes.


  7. Wowzer Sharon-O - you certainly have been busy - you best rest those fingers! Love Love Love everything - wonderful job!

  8. Sharon! BEAUTIFUL works! :) What a productive day you have had!



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