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Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm Quilting!!!

Last weekend, our online group, An American Primitive Gathering (USAPRIM on eBay) hosted a Mini Quilt Retreat. It was for all that knew how to quilt, to enjoy a couple of days of quilting... and for those that never quilted before, encouragement to finally take the plunge! So, after a couple of years of collecting some fabrics and tools (most of which have been donated by friends).... I finally cut my squares and began to stitch! My original intention was to hand piece... but then decided I wanted to have something to look at by the end of two days... so I brought out my machine and pieced the squares together. Some points match better than others... but it is my "first" go at it, so I let well enough alone. Here's a peak of what it looks like in the hoop...

After the piecing was complete, I basted it together with a one piece back and some warm and natural batting. I've since started hand quilting. I wanted a simple motif that would accent the prints in the fabrics. So, I chose a leaf shape. Hopefully you can see some of the quilting in the pic (I have yet to figure out how to make the pics "click to enlarge").

I'm having some difficulty with marking the shape before stitching. After reading the directions on some of these marking pens, I was afraid most of them would not wash out and the quilt would look icky when done. Managed to narrow my choices down to a taylor's chalk pencil and a quilter's soap stone pencil. So far, I'm finding it very difficult to see the soap stone whether it's a dark fabric or not. Seems kinda hard. Haven't tried chalk yet... what do you use to mark your quilting templates?

After getting this far with this 21" square quilt... I can say that I really do enjoy the piecing part of making quilts... I'm just undecided about the quilting part... maybe next time I will try machine quilting... though I've never used that darning attachment... hold onto your socks folks... this could get ugly... LOL! ;-)

Have a great day!


  1. Love the colors of your little quilt and hope you enjoy the hand quilting!

  2. Your quilt looks great! Love those Civil War looking fabrics!!!

    Try a blue tailors chalk. Test it first to make sure it will come off (just in case!)

  3. Hey Sharon...I don't mark my quilts, so no help from me on that one. Your quiltie is so cute...you will love it more and more as you work on it. Proud of ya, girl!

  4. Sharon, it looks wonderful!!! Aren't you glad you did it? I know I am! I know you'll do more :)

  5. Sharon, your "first" little quilt is looking wonderful. I really like the colors you chose. What little hand quilting I have done, I just kind of do it free hand. I always tell everyone it is "primitive" so it doesn't have to be perfect...LOL. Aren't you glad you tried it? You will be ready to start your next quilt in no time.

  6. WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! :D oh yah... doin the happy dance for ya!! Congrats girl!!!

  7. I use a piece of soap that I sharpen with a knife. Washes right out.


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