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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Rug Binding & Finishes

I spent some time yesterday and today binding the edges of two rugs. Thought I'd share with you a "little helper" I discovered just today that makes whipping the edges of your rugs a bit more relaxing...

It's something as small as a quilter's safety pin! These safety pins have a slight arch in them, so it is easier to pin together many layers of fabric or firm fabrics. When I whip the edges of a rug, I stay stitch (or serge) about 1-1/2" around the rug. Cut away the excess backing. And then, roll the backing over a cotton cording. I then take wool rug yarn and whip over the cording. I like this finish the best as I feel it gives a good durable edge to the rug, especially if it will be used on the floor and walked on. At times, I had difficulty keeping the rolled backing straight over the cording... the cording would roll to the edge of the backing... the backing would bunch up and make a lump in the edge... stuff like that. So, today I took out a trusty quilter's safety pin and just pinned the backing around the cording about 6" from where I was whipping. The loops then "held" the linen edge within that 6" length. It was like having an extra hand to hold everything together while I whipped down that length...

This technique became all the more appreciated when it came time to whip around a corner...

Whew! Turned that corner with relatively little fiddlin' and cussin'! LOL!

Anyways, the rug in the pictures is the Midnight Silhouette. The rug has been blocked and the edges have been bound. 

Adapted from "Midnight Silhouette"
A quilt pattern by Blackbird Designs

Another finish is this Scrappy Hit-n-Miss rug. I took a scrap piece of linen backing and drew a little doodle on it. The color planning was limited to using only the wool that was already cut into strips (leftovers from previous rugs). The finished size is approximately 28" x 13". 

That's about it for today's finishes... more to come in the next day or so...

Thank you for visiting! Warm sunshine and clear sky wishes to everyone! :-)


  1. wonderful rugs Sharon...

    thanks for the close ups of your finishing technique...it's one I've never tried...

  2. Love both of your rugs Sharon!
    thanks for showing us your technique for finishing....makes alot of sense & looks very professional ~
    Blessings from the Farm,

  3. WOW! Two beautiful rugs! You certainly did a great job finishing around the corners! Very smooth looking!!!
    Have not known about the quilter's safety pins. They are quite handy. Thanks for sharing this technique!

  4. Thanks for the tip! You know Sharon, I have never whipped a rug. I hate to admit to that but, I think seeing it done your way I need to try it. Your rugs are beautiful!

  5. You go girl - Keep those finishes coming! Looking good!

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. Sharon ~ I love your method for finishing rugs! I've never used cording, but you've inspired me to try it next time. Both your rugs are wonderful...esp. the cat profiled against the full moon...LOVE IT!

  8. I will definitely want to be trying this. Your directions are clear, and the pictures definitely help. Showed how beautiful your hooking is too! Love seeing your Midnight Seranade completely finished! Jo

  9. What a great tip! I use T-pins, but will have to give these a try next time I whip a rug. Love that little scrappy rug!

  10. I am fairly new to primitive rug hooking. Is Midnight Silouette your version of the BlackBird Designs cross stitch chart or is there a pattern??? It is wonderful and I know my sister would just love to have this made for her! I am in the process of doing the xstitch version. Thank you for your blog. You are a wonderful inspiration.

  11. Hey Sharon! I meant to tell you, I did do this on my background challenge rug & it worked GREAT! I didn't have any yarn to whip with, so I used wool strips. Having the cording (in my case it was cotton clothesline... you know me, make~do!), but it worked like a charm!

    Thank you again for the instructions!




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