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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Radio Rabbits & A Winner!!!

Happy Saturday to everyone! It's sunny but cool here in Central Jersey. With Easter being next weekend... I decided to finally finish some bunnies I've been working on...

Here's a close-up of one...

Silly, right? These all started because my dear hubby is an Antique Radio enthusiast. He buys the radios that need help... refurbishes the exterior and also fixes the technicals inside the radio to make them play. One of the parts we have an abundance of is TUBES! Boxes of them! And, when he buys large amounts of tubes from estates, sometimes some TV tubes are mixed in with the radio tubes... and rather than throw them away, I am "repurposing" them in a whimsical fashion! LOL!

I came about this idea last year, when I wanted to send a little funny handmade gift to Kathy. We have rug hooking and primitive crafts in common... but both Kathy and myself are married to Ham Radio Guys! So, the Radio Rabbit was created as a silly kinda Easter gift! Simple wool pieces all blanket stitched with pearl cotton... attached to a genuine antique TV vacuum tube... This year, my hubby asked me to make a couple more for his friends and also for him to sell when he vends at local radio swap meets. I even added a couple to my Etsy shop. They are just so silly to look at! :-)

And now, I remember that I promised to announce a winner to the pattern giveaway on the day of my next posting of a finish! Using the old fashioned method of writing entries on small pieces paper and giving them a good mix up... the winner that was selected was...

Ann of 1803 Ohio Farm Baskets

Please email me your mailing address Ann, and I'll get these patterns out to you as soon as I can! Enjoy them!

Thank you to everyone that entered the drawing! Look for more pattern giveaways in the near future... remember, as I finish the pattern, I will give the pattern away for someone else to enjoy!

Sunshine smiles to ya'!


  1. Congratulations to Ann! I hope you have fun stitching away!!

    Oh Sharon, I giggled when I saw the tube bunny. I just put mine out yesterday!!! I love it. George smiles when he sees it too. Thank you again for it :)

  2. Congratulations to Ann, I know she will have fun with those patterns.


  3. Oh, WOW!! Radio Rabbits! How cool is that???
    My Dad (back in the old days), worked on radios and I remember him having those tubes. Don't know where they got to.

    Anyhow, it's a great idea!

    Congratulations to the give-away winner!

  4. "Be vewy vewy quiet, I'm hunting wabbits"

  5. Hey Congrats too Ann! Hope Frito lets here create!

  6. Sharon,
    Your radio rabbits are absolutely ADORABLE!!

  7. Radio Rabbit...how cute and hilarious both! You have a great imagination, Sharon!

  8. The wabbit's are too cute and very creative recycling the tubes
    yay! for you

  9. Too cute - going green is a good thing !!! You have alot of stitching going on there!!! Happy Easter....Judy

  10. Love your radio rabbits. They are too cute!


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