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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Sometimes it's that little bit of something that just makes you say "I'm going to do it NOW!" And then... it happens!

It was exactly this month, about two years ago, that I learned how to make "feather trees" from wool. Our local rug hooking guild (Hunterdon County Rug Artisans Guild) was featuring a tutorial of the how to's, and Joanne was our teacher! What a fun class it was, as each person made a tree with different colored wools... and by the end of the class, there was a forest  of wooly feather trees! I got so excited about how easy and fun it was to make these trees, that when I got home, I promised Joanne that I would make one for each season... and then some! Well, she keeps poking me that I should have a National Forest constructed by now! LOL! However, I only made two so far. And, both were for Christmas.

So, last week, an incentive arrived in the mail! It was from Joanne... a box of Easter Egg feather tree ornaments! Yippeeee! They were so cute, I just HAD to get going on an Easter feather tree!!!! And so... I did! 

It's about a foot tall. The wool is one of the new wools from Heaven's to Betsy. The base is a wooden bucket (from AC Moore) that has been painted a milk paint blue. Don't you think those little eggie ornaments are the perfect finishing touch to this tree?

What a happy addition to our Easter dinner table... :-)


  1. Oh my stars!!...I LOVE this tree!!!
    where can I learn to make one????

    thanks for sharing!
    Blessed be~

  2. HOw beautiful is that?! I love it Sharon. YOu did such a wonderful job on it. I want one :) Kudos to Joanne for being such a great teacher. ♥

  3. What a beautiful wool feather tree, Sharon. It looks great with the Easter egg ornaments. I want to make one...where might I find the directions?

  4. oh...awesomeness, Sharon! I love it...and those eggs are perfect! That Joanne...prodding...and then gifting! How fun!

  5. And that was the very first time I met Sharon in person I believe! LOL Anyway - thank you for our kind words Sharon - thank goodness it was a room full of wool lovers and smart people with that horrible cold I had! LOL - Oh and Sharon - I'll keep "poking" you - LOL - Love Love Love your sweet Easter tree - perfect colors for those little eggies!

  6. Sharon ~ I love the wool feather tree! I hope you can share how it is done. Great project!!

  7. Great job Sharon, looks perfect on your table :).


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