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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Glass Insulators

You find them all over in antique shops, flea markets and maybe along the rail road tracks during your afternoon walk. But... what to do with them? I used to just place them on my window sill and enjoy the way the sunlight shines off of them ( I love glass!)

Well, one day I turned one upside down... and you know what fit in there? A votive candle! So, I pulled out the rusted wire, Swarovski crystals and metal jewelry findings and this is what happened...

A hanging glass votive candle holder! Fun, huh? I had received some inspiration from a Better Homes and Gardens e-mailed crafting newsletter, but I haven't been able to relocate that info... Try one yourself, or visit my Etsy shop as I have this one for sale.

I also accomplished another finish... It's my first try at making a dimensional stuffed animal. It's a bunny holding an Easter Egg. Does it look like a bunny to you? The picture that came with the pattern sure does look a whole lot better! :-) But, at least I tried it, right?

Bunny Tails
a pattern by from Country Stitches

There is supposed to be some homespun tied around his neck... and maybe some sweet annie or lavender tucked in his arm with his egg... I just haven't added those finishing touches yet...

So that's about it this week! The weather here in Central NJ has been looking up! Sunshine and warm breezes and some perennials poking their heads up in the garden!!! Gotta LOVE it! 

I'm starting to feel human again! LOL!

Sunshine hugs to all!


  1. You are on a roll!!!
    The bunny looks great! And I love the wire wrapped insulator! I think I still have some of them hidden away somewhere. Were those little lumps around the top (bottom???) on there to begin with or did you put them on? I don't remember seeing any that were so decorative.

  2. Great use of of the insulator Sharon! Very pretty. Your bunny is great, and yes it looks like one! Also looks like it was a lot of work, all that stitching. Will look so cute in your home!

  3. OMGosh! Your bunny is too adorable! I love him, I want one of my own, LOL ;)

  4. Sharon - if you have them on window sills - then you best re-think your idea of getting a kitty! LOL Sunbeams thru those insulators will be more than kitty can handle to try to good! LOL

    Like your idea with them.

    Your bunny (and yes it does look like a bunny!) is adorable! Love him and the egg!

  5. Great use of the insulator! My dad has collected lots of them over the years and you sure have come up with a wonderful use for them.

    Your bunny and egg really turned out awesome!

  6. Neat idea with the insulator Sharon!! You did a great job. Also on your bunny, yes it does look like one!


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