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Monday, March 1, 2010

A couple of finishes...

Those two days that are the weekend seem like a lot of time when those days are ahead of you. Now that it is Monday, I wonder where those two short days went? :-)

Most of Saturday was spent in Bethlehem, PA. That Sands casino they built there sure is a fun place for us! The dh and I went for the day to get away and forget about the snow! He was winning some good dollars... then he'd share them with me... and I would lose those dollars for him! That's team work at its finest, right? LOL! ;-) In the Sands are quite a few awesome places to have a meal... we dined at the Carnegie Deli this time. Pastrami reuben with a potato pancake! Oh heaven!

Sunday we enjoyed some company at our home for a couple of hours. The dh had the opportunity to discuss radios with his friend. And, I enjoyed some crafting talk with his wife. Cross stitch, knitting, embroidery... and she wants to learn rug hooking! *smile* Sure, I'll help another person acquire an addiction to wool! *wink* 

I did manage to get a couple of projects finished and thought I'd share the pics this evening. The first is the Olde Pewter Letters pattern from Primitive Betty's. I finally mustered up the courage to cut around my finished stitching and sew the strips of material to it to make a pillow! That's what takes me so long to finish items into something... FEAR of cutting wrong and ruining what took me about a month to stitch... but, this one managed to take the form of a pillow without any major mishaps... so, here's the front...

And here's the back...

Finished size is approximately 8 inches square. Thought I'd add some decorative prim hand stitching on the back to mimic all those cross stitches in the front sampler area. And, you can't have something totally finished unless it has a button, right? LOL!

These fabric covered boxes were a first try for me. A little on the bumpy side... but with some practice, I just might get a little better... I moved them to the dining room table to get a picture. But, I have them displayed on top of a hutch... they look good there as they are a distance away from the eyes, and slightly in the dark! LOL! 

That's about it for today! I do have a couple of other projects that I will be finishing tomorrow. So, check back for more!

Have a great evening!


  1. Sharon, your finishes are just lovely! I adore the pillow you stitched. STUNNING! :)

    Sounds fun that you have a wanna-be-hooker friend too! :)

  2. What a beautiful cross stitch, Sharon. I love how you finished it into a pillow. Awesome!!! The boxes turned out great, too. I need to find out how you did those, as that is something I want to try. Great works!!!!

  3. Great work Sharon! I think too smooth of a box would look too store bought, you know? I like the bumps and wrinkles :)
    Your cross stitch turned out beautiful! Love how you did the pillow. Wonderful touches!!

  4. Love your pillow! You did a great job! Had to laugh when you said it's not finished until you add a button. For me, it's a rusty bell. Almost ALL my stuff has a rusty bell on it! LOL!

    Loved your comment on my blog about Harley. Might have to use that quote as a caption for that pic. He's been a VERY bad kitty lately! Ugh...I'm so mad at him! LOL! ~~Annie

  5. Wow Sharon - wonderful finishes - love the pillow!

  6. Love the pillow and the stitching on it..I decorated papermache boxes too and they are fun but kind of tricky...did one with some cute paper napkins and turned out cute but is a little more work than using fabric, you can't move it around or it will tear :)
    I will be putting you on my blog roll so I can keep up with future posts.
    Take a stroll over to my blog when you have time to learn about the special sale I am having now in my selling blog.
    Cold and raining here today in South AL and will be glad when spring gets here and stays for a while.

  7. Great job on the finishes, Sharon. Am lovin' that cross-stitch! You done good!


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