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Friday, February 26, 2010

Let's Just Say...

... I've been doin' a whole lotta startin'... but not a heck of a lotta finishin'! LOL! So, during the next two days, I will be stitching, stuffing and binding a few many things! :-) Monday looks to be a good day to share some pics with you... here's what on my bench now...

Have a superb weekend! Hope that everyone gets in some relaxing creative time... and may there be abundant sunshine warming your shoulders!



  1. Come On Sharon - I know you can do it! Finish those items! You will feel so good! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!

  2. Hi Sharon,
    Thanks for commenting on my blog and adding the suggestion for the leaves in my sunflower. I hooked one side in the darkest shades and the other in the light ones and it looks much better.

    Enjoy your Finishing!!!

  3. Sharon,
    Your sampler turned out just beautiful! Love the colors. I haven't even started mine!


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