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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I've got my wool...

... to keep me warm! LOL! We woke up to about 3 inches of snow this morning... bigger northeaster with higher accumulations expected this Saturday! I am so ready for Spring right now....

Since the groundhog isn't in the mood this year to bring us an early Spring... I'm just going to have to continue with indoor funsies to make wintertime move along a little quicker...

A couple of week's ago, I received a mailer from Heavens To Betsy's Wool. Betsy takes the time to fluff and cut samples of wool, and mails them out so you can see up close how the wools will look and feel when readied for hooking or applique. This particular mailer was full of gorgeous samples!!! All of them were "hafta have that's"! So, I placed an order that same day! I have since received my order, did the warm wash, cool rinse and fluff in a warm dryer with a towel... and ALL the woolens felted up so soft and beautiful! Can't wait to start hooking them into my next rug. A smaller rug than the last one... but it should be started today!

Also started a couple of weeks ago... and stitched on a little each day is this wonderful sampler from Betty Dekat of Primitive Betty's! The title of the pattern is "Olde Pewter Letters". Since I am trying to work with supplies that I already have in my stash, I substituted the colors of thread and linen... so mine is looking a little more chocolaty rather than pewter! LOL! But, I can say that I am enjoying stitching this so much, that I definitely will stitch this again in the pewter colors to fit in a frame. This here chocolate one (when finished) will be a pillow. Going to try something I haven't tried before, and stitch some complimentary fabrics around the stitchery.... just to see what it looks like. I should be finishing the stitching today.... might be a couple of days before it looks like the pillow I have imagined it to be though! LOL! I'll post pictures when completed.

The other thing I aim to do today is clean off all the Holiday dust from the furniture.... and start placing about the house some Spring items!!! I've a big bin filled with artificial tulips, forsythia and hyacinths, Easter eggs, Easter baskets, redware bunnies and prim pastel wooden blocks... just HAVE to get some cheery colors into the inside decor! 

Good thing I have a good stash of M&Medication to help me get through the day!!!!! LOL!


  1. Sharon...gorgeous wooL! What rug pattern will you be hooking next? Good idea to pull out spring stuff...I'm getting a bit sick of winter, too. Course, I usually am fed up by the day after Christmas, if not before. ha! Have fun...and I love the stitching, by the way!

  2. OH my goodness Sharon!! you got a LOT of wool lol. That Bailey's cream (I think it's called that) is beautiful and can't wait to over dye it myself. Linda got some in the shop.
    Your stitchery of Betty's is just beautiful. Love how you are using your own colors.
    But I have to say out of all the pictures you posted,,,,, my favorite is the last one :). I could go for some right about now!
    I am soooo ready for Spring too!

  3. You have some fun stuff to keep you busy indoors! Love that PrimitiveBettys sampler...the colors are gorgeous!

  4. Sharon, I thought you were going to say you have your wool to keep you HAPPY! :) Warm works too though. ;)

    I love the colors you are using for your sampler too! Sooooo pretty!



  5. Love your pile of wool. I can't wait to see what you create with it. And there is nothing like a big bag of chocolate for inspiration! LOL
    Great blog. Looking forward to reading more.


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