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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Three Generations

If you're thinking....

"Wow! That is SO eighties!"

You would be correct!

This is a 16" x 20" stitchery kit that was produced in 1981 by Sunset Stitchery. It's titled "Bits and Pieces Memory Box". 

So, why bring it out now? It just turned 2010!

Here's the scoop... my Mom always admired shadow boxes and little knick knacks. (Again, very 80's... LOL!) My Grandma always enjoyed crocheting and needlepoint. Well, my Mom was in a stitching store and spotted this kit and figured she would give it to my Grandma (for something to do)... Well, Grandma did some of it, but not much. She didn't like doing the variety of stitches on it and went back to her needlepoint. Leaving the stitchery in the closet.

A few months pass and my Mom decides she was going to give it a go! She worked on it for a few months... tired of it... and in her closet it went.

About 20 years pass and Mom finds this in her closet. Hmmmm... doesn't really feel up to finishing it, so she passes the kit along to me in hopes that I could finish it. This was August of 2009.

I don't know HOW to do embroidery.

So, there it sat... in my closet.

Thanksgiving Day arrives and talk of what to buy for whom enters the conversation at the dinner table. I always hear "I have what I need. Don't buy me anything". Hmmmm... 

Black Friday. I'm home. Pulling out the Christmas decorations and what do I spy in the closet! The stitchery.

Yep... this would be a good gift for my Mom... if I could finish it!

And, I did! Kinda did the learn as I go kinda technique. Embroidery is fun... and I'd like to do more of it, just not for awhile! LOL! 

Two things are missing from the stitchery. One would be the face of the pocket watch. And, the other item is a photograph in the frame on the lower right... I'd like my Mom to pick a photograph to put in there as she has all the family photos at her home. I'd like to put a photograph of my Grandma in there... but I don't have a good one of her. Hopefully Mom does...

So, this was most of my December on into January...

Merry Christmas Mom!


  1. WOW Sharon!! What a finish!! I bet it feels awesome to have it done. I'm sure your Mom loved it! That is a LOT of stitching.

  2. Wow, Sharon. You did a wonderful job..I'm sure your mom will just love her gift. The story behind the piece really makes it special. Glad it's behind you and you can move on to your hook.

  3. Hey Sharon! You did a GREAT job & I'm sure your Momma is gonna love it! :)



  4. ....and you don't know how to do stitchery....never would have known by looking at it...how sweet!


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