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Thursday, January 21, 2010

This week's projects...

As a continuation of December's mad dash to get organized... yesterday I just completed one of the main elements of this whole endeavor! I found some wonderful storage bins at our local craft store. They have a pretty good selection of unfinished wood (pine) there. And, although most of it is usually small containers, or very big pieces of furniture... I happened upon these guys one day... and thought they would be "just right" for the growing selection of patterns I have collected. The overall size is 18" high, 12" wide and 10" deep. The outside piece is a crate and the 3 drawers are built like small crates, but have solid fronts and backs. Yah... there was NO way I was going to leave the store without buying these! LOL!
My tastes generally lean towards the antique and/or weathered look for accent pieces. So, along with these I purchased a small can of Minwax Walnut stain... my camera is adding some color to it... but because they are only stained (no urethane)... the color is actually more dark, flat and antique-ish... ;-) I'm really luvin' the irregular mismatch of the woodgrains! The left bin has already been filled with cross stitch patterns (top drawer), needlepunch patterns (middle drawer) and wool applique patterns (bottom drawer). The right bin will soon hold my paper rug hooking patterns (top drawer), quilt patterns (middle drawer) and the bottom drawer is going to be a mix of general interest (toothbrush rug patterns, crochet patterns and a recently added Sock Knitting pattern! Yah... been reading blogs about sock knitting and I am so intrigued... have to give it a try!
Right now, the right bin is displaying a little cross stitch ornie designed by Betty Dekat of Primitive Bettys! She recently posted this little chart as a freebie on her blog. I stitched it up in an evening, so there is still time for you to stitch one of your own! To finish the piece, I simply sewed on a red cotton fabric backing, stuffed it lightly with wool snippets and attached a string for hanging. Just for an added touch, I added some buttons to the hanging string... looks nice on the twiggy tree I keep out year long in our dining room. Thanks Betty!

The coral thingy you see hanging out of one drawer is what I am referring to as a "fashion scarf". It's one of those long thin ones that really just add some color to your outfit, rather then a regular scarf which keeps you warm. Anyways, I crocheted this one evening while watching football... it's a nubby silk yarn in a fun confetti color that (I think) adds a bit of cheer to a winter day. I found this pattern on www.favecrafts.com/crochet Give this place a visit, as they have some pretty neat free patterns for you to try! More than just crochet there...

So, that's this week in a nutshell! This weekend, our online group (AAPG on eBay) will be having a "retreat" of sorts. It's basically just a block of time that we set aside one weekend a month to stitch up some projects that we've been meaning to get to. Whether it turns out to be a handmade for our own homes... or a handmade to gift or send to a friend... it's just a fun, picture sharing and inspiring weekend to create!

Have a wonderful day enjoying something that makes your heart sing! :-)


  1. Did my comment post? Well, I just said you needed to come this way to help me get organized! You seem to be a pro at it! :)

    I love you Valentine piece ~ so lovely! The scarf is nice too ~ they are all the rage right now! :)

  2. Love that crate, great piece for storing and primitive looking.


  3. Sharon...that Valentine piece is gorgeous! Nice work! Love that little storage bin thing...totally works!

    When you're done organizing at your place, come on over and help me! ha!


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