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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Midnight Silhouette Progress 4

Midnight Silhouette
Quilt Pattern by Blackbird Designs
This rug was hooked on linen backing to a size of 29" x 40"
I used both hand dyed and as-is wools cut in size #8 strips

I just pulled the last loop at about 10:30 this morning!!!! Yippee!!! This whole process began back in August of 2009... I transferred the pattern to the backing in November of 2009... and here it is January of 2010 and the hooking is complete! Yippee! I still need to trim, block and bind the rug, but the hooking is complete!

I'm SO happy!

Thanks so much to everyone that stopped by my blog and left words of encouragement! It really did help to keep me pulling those loops!

I do have a long list of projects that I plan to finish this year. The next one is going to be a

small one

Yah... you know, the kind that take maybe a day? And offer near instant gratification?


Yah... I'm still giddy from the fact that the hooking of
Midnight Silhouette is 




  1. Just beautiful Sharon - Absolutely love it!

  2. Wow Sharon!! Your rug is fantastic!! Congrats on hanging in there and getting it done. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  3. ohhhhh, Sharon. You did an awesome job on that! You rock!

  4. I just love this rug! The thing is I never knew who the designer was....I have a friend who is wanting to hook it...I"ll have to send her your blog post about it!
    YAY! Always good to have something complete!
    It's striking!

  5. Wow love your Halloween hooked rug. Someday
    I'm going to give this a try.


  6. Anything Halloween and I have a love affair going on...I LOVE YOUR RUG...I love everything about rughooking except the "hooking" part...wish I had more patience - how much fun it would be to own this piece!!! Watch that my garden fairies don't come and snatch it!! XO, Judy

  7. Oohhh it's STUNNING Sharon!!! Be proud of yourself, you did an amazing job on this!!


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