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Monday, December 27, 2010

Dig Dug

That's what I did today... I got out the snow thrower and cleared the driveway and sidewalks from 18"-22" of snow. I usually like using the snow thrower.... but not this time. 35-50 mph winds made for a "what snow you throw comes right back at your face" kinda morning. :-) I was a frozen, wet, snow covered popsicle when I was done.

Good thing there is a Texas Weiner serving chili dogs and hot chocolate just blocks from my house.

Mmmmmm... Thanks Bob!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

I must have been naughty...

Really naughty...

Why else would Santa leave our town with a Blizzard Warning?

That's right... 12"-18" of the white stuff is due to blanket our area by Monday at noon time. Can't remember the last time we had this much snow before the New Year. Better button up... because I think it's going to be a looooooong winter. Bah-humbug! ;-)

With all kidding aside... I really did have a wonderful Christmas! I took a different route this year. I did minimal decorations. I did not put up a tree. I did not sit in traffic to push through a parking lot filled with angry people to buy things that will soon be broken or forgotten. I did not bake 20lbs of butter cookies to plump out my already big butt.

This Christmas... I simply took a deep breath... exhaled... and enjoyed the peace of the season. Add to that... a couple of meals with friends and family... lots of Christmas music... and some quiet time to reflect on how thankful I truly am for everyone I share my life with and the good health we all have...

If some chocolate managed to get mixed in with that? Well... then I guess I am thankful for the chocolate too!

May the Magic & Peace of Christmas stay with you and yours throughout the year!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Final Chapter

Yes. I've been working on this rug for such a long time now... it almost feels like a very long (and wordy) novel! But, rest assured.... with the binding completed just last night, this post will hopefully answer all the questions that have been asked during the progress posts.

The rug was designed by:
Susan Feller
of Ruckman Mill Farm in West Virginia
Her inspiration was a
"Circa 1812 Bookplate"
The final size is 28" x 54"

I purchased this pattern (on linen) at the 2009 Brandywine hook-in. I did check Susan's website and can not find the pattern... but she may be able to draw one out for you if you give her a call.

I did have a couple of people ask how I went about my color planning on this rug... I can give you a "sort of explanation".... but I can't guarantee that it will make a whole lot of sense.

This pattern had never been hooked before, so I did not have any influence on what should be what color. In one way this was good... and in another way it was kind of frustrating (at times)... but overall... this rug was a lot of willy-nilly fun!

First was the leaves. Leaves grow in so many different colors and change throughout the year... therefore, my thought was that I had creative license to pick just about any color. And so, I did. Most of the colors are just soft primitives that blend in with the neutral decor of my home. Every once in awhile there is an "off-color" leaf.... but it simply is a leaf that was hooked with one of the background colors. Just to kind of bring things together... there really are many leaves in this rug. Which, is another reason why I did not choose to do all the leaves the same color. Monotony... blech! Do you see an occassional light blue leaf? Fun... something different... a whispered poison...

The flowers? Well... I rarely (if never) use pink in my rugs. So, I did. I picked a pink that was kind of muted. Actually, it's a Heaven's to Betsy wool. I had some in my stash, was gifted a few pieces more and thought this a great place to use some... the wool takes on a similar appearance to a paisley wool after it has been hooked. The orange flowers? Well... I just like muted and spiced oranges... it's different yet similar to the pink... Am I making any sense yet? LOL!

The background... well, let's see... I wanted a dark background as this rug is the first rug I've hooked that will actually be used on the floor. *grin* My next thought was that, this being an 1812 design... would certainly qualify as being a candidate for a "cost effective make do" appearance. So, I followed the theory that a well worn pair of wool pants might offer a few strips to fill a grey area... a tattered and torn wool skirt might offer a few strips of brown to fill in the next area... and, since I didn't know which color I would have available next.... I did it in patches. I've seen some antique rugs done this way and really liked the look of it. The blue that is popping in the background is actually more muted grey when viewed with the nekked eye...

Lastly... the binding technique I used is the ol' wool yarn whipped over cotton cording. I've heard it gives a good strong edge... and has been recommended as the binding of choice for rugs that will actually be walked on.

I've tried to get a picture of this rug on the floor of where it is going to rest....but, my camera will not allow it. It either shows too blurry, too yellow or too dang "anything but what it should be"... so, alas... my last and final pic of this rug is once again... on my back patio.

So, there you have it! Hopefully you have enjoyed reading about and seeing the progress of this rug... I know I had a fun time hooking it! And, it sure is sweet to admire it all finished (on the floor) as I sit in my squishy-cozy recliner! lol!

Have a blessed week! I'll be checking in again before Christmas Day!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

All Hooked Up!

Yes, I knew it would happen (eventually).... the last loop has been pulled on this big rug! :-) I just finished the stay stitching a minute ago, and am getting ready to steam it.

A note on the stay stitching.... one tip I had mentioned awhile back is something definitely worth repeating. That tip is to "Finish before you start". That's right.... if you plan on whipping the edges of your rug... it is much, much easier to stitch the edges before you start hooking the rug. I waited until I finished this rug... and the weight of the wool sure made for a cumbersome time of running this through the sewing machine. This tip is especially helpful when it comes to larger rugs... I really don't think it would make much of a difference on a mat or smaller rug.

Last weekend was a fun time washing the wool I had purchased at the Brandywine hook-in last month! It's always so fragrant and soft and fluffy right out of the dryer! Makes me smile! Anyways, I've got it all folded... just need to find a space to store it! ;-) I think I seriously hit stash overload status... time to hook more rugs... faster!

I still have this little cross stitch I started working on in September! Yes, I do plan on finishing it.... and yes, it still will be shipped to the person I was originally making it for! lol! I don't think a person would mind a pumpkin for Christmas? Do you? :-)

And, to answer a question from the last post... no, we did not adopt a kitty... I simply have acquired the need to check out the funny captioned pictures at icanhascheezburger.com every morning! :-) These cats and kittens really can make a person laugh!

Well, that's about it for today! I hope everyone had a very thankful and full Thanksgiving! Time to get your needle and thread out and start making some Christmas gifts! That's what I'm doing this weekend... I'll share pictures of these projects after the recipients have received them!

Have a warm & cozy weekend!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Be Thankful...

Be Blessed...

Be Healthy

Be Happy...

Be Full


See you all tomorrow with some updates...

Monday, November 15, 2010


Yes! ... Indeed they do! And, during my drive home from work Friday night, those voices were full of energy and plans and optimism!

They said "YES!!!! We really CAN fit 10 pounds of _______ in a 5 pound bag!" 

When I got home, dinner was waiting for me on the dining room table.... Bob cooked (with his wallet) a shrimp parmesean over linguine. Yummy... hop in the truck... radio meeting... sleep... grocery shopping... Black Jack success at Sands Casino... Dunkin Donuts coffee (and a sugar filled donut) for the ride home... sleep... breakfast, laundry, ironing, bedding, cook dinner, football, football, NASCAR, football, eat dinner, bills and paperwork to sort through... tired... wait a minute?!?!?! It's Sunday night already?!?!?!?! But, wasn't I just stuffing my face with shrimp parmesean 5 minutes ago?!?!?!?! ;-)

Yep... another weekend whizzed past me without having pulled a loop on my rug... BUT, I sure did have some FUN!!!!! I finally did get the last color selections for that last bit of background chosen... and they are stripped... so an hour each night after work should finish her up by this coming weekend! 

If you like the silly cat pic in this post... visit icanhascheezburger.com to enjoy some more!

Have a great week everyone!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Brandywine Hook-In and Other Updates

Happy Halloween to everyone! It was a good day here... we had the most kids visit our neighborhood than we have had any other year prior. And, each kid wore a great costume! I mean, they really went out of their way to look great this year! Starting to quiet down here (with the doorbell).... so, I can have a minute to give ya'll an update on some stuff!

First, is the progress on the big rug I've been working on. I was supposed to have had it finished by now... but, by some gracious stroke of luck, I have re entered the workforce! Yep.... been a couple of years unemployed here. And, even though I am enjoying my new job... it took a couple of weeks to readjust my hometime schedule to fit in all the "want to's" and "have to's". I should be able to finish hooking this by next weekend. And, when I do my final post on this rug... I'll write about all the details like size, color planning and types of wool used, etc...
Yesterday was a fun day out to Wagontown, PA. The Brandywine Rug Hooking Guild was having their annual hook-in. Or, maybe it was a eat-in? LOL! Kathy was generous enough to bring in a basket of candies.... and Jan brought along some bread and sausage and crackers and cheese dip and chips and banana cake... Oh my! 
Here's Joanne trying to look innocent...

But, Kathy knew she was up to something...

Rebecca Erbb's booth.... ooooooh-la-la! Did I ever spend a lot of time over there!!!! :-)

Here is a general view of the whole area where everyone was sitting and chatting and hooking (and eating)... LOL! It really looked to me like more people attended this year than last.

Here is a quick picture of my stash building I did yesterday! On the left is from Rebecca Erbb... in the center is from The Wool 'n Gardener and on the right is from Olde Peddler Wools. I only go to one hook-in a year, so I allowed myself to buy what I needed. It's a real pleasure to be able to see and feel the wool before buying it. So.... these are ALL some fabulous quality pickin's! 

My Birthday Celebrations were extended until yesterday too! Kathy was nice enough to bring along a gift she had for me! A really uniquely shaped basket filled with Snickers that has a plaque attached to it that says... "Chocolate Fixes Everything"! LOL! It does... it really does... :-) Kathy also gifted me some gorgeous chocolate colored woolens and cottons and a note pad with my initial on it. Thanks so much Kathy!!!! Love it all!

My navigation unit decided to take me on a scenic route for the drive back home. I was glad for that too as I was able to stop on the side of the highway and check out this fun 1960 ElCamino that was for sale! It's in really super clean condition.... it just could use a different color paint, don't ya' think? It's greener than a jealous frog.... and would look a bunch better if it was a dark silver or an anniversary gold? Anyways, if anyone is interested in purchasing this beauty... the owner is asking 14k or best offer... :-)

Whew! That was quite an update! I hope that everyone is hooking and stitching and enjoying this season of color and cool! Many designers have been releasing their Christmas patterns!!!! I think I'm ready!!!! How about you? :-)

Until next time.... fill your days what what you love best!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

And now...

...for something completely different! :-)

Another video for your viewing pleasure... but first, let me give you some background information...

Every year, the company my husband works for hosts a family day event for all that work in his office. Every year since Bob has worked there, it has been a semi-pro ball game at our local ball park. We'd have a section of seats blocked off in the picnic area and we'd have burgers and hot dogs and all the soda you could drink. Well... someone in the office had suggested we do something different this year... and out of all the suggestions, it was decided that we would all go to Medieval Times in Lyndhurst, NJ and enjoy a real renaissance tournament and dinner... and you know what? It was FUN! Here's a picture of some of the artwork that is painted on the ceiling when you first enter the "castle"...

And here is a short video to give you an idea of what the performance consisted of. We were lucky enough to be down in the front seats right on the edge of the arena. You might notice some reflection in the plexiglass that is in front of us for protection... and so the horses don't get spooked...

 And this part totally cracked me up! The arena is set up into sections. Each section is identified by a color and that color section would cheer on their same color Knight during the tournament battles. Well, about half way through the show, it was the Knight's duty to "honor a lady" in their cheering section. So, all the Knight's came out horseback with a silk scarf on the end of their lance and when they pointed it to the lady of choice, she was supposed to take it off the end of the lance. Well... when our Knight pointed the lance at me I about froze "like a deer in headlights" (Bob said)... and with a bit of fumbling... I got the darn thing off! I never seen a Knight laugh so hard in all my life!!! LOL! And here is what the scarf looks like...

... feel bad for Bob... my ego was too big to fit in the car during the ride home!!!! LOL! *grin*

I'm back to normal now... sitting at the frame and hooking... just like the "Queen of Love & Beauty" should be doing... *wink*

One more thing... the night of the show also happened to be our 11th Wedding Anniversary!!! So, that made it all the more fun!

I hope you enjoyed our silliness... I'll be back in a couple more days with a rug update!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Raceway Park, NJ

I'm still hooking on my rug... almost finished!!! I hope to be sharing pictures of the completed rug with everyone within the next couple of days.... in the meantime, maybe you might be interested in viewing another video that my dh made... Raceway Park in Englishtown, NJ has a car show and swap meet twice a year. This video is from the most recent show which was last weekend...

And, I'm really happy to say...


My favorite time of year!!!

Have a GREAT weekend!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Nuthin' I'd Rather Do...

...on a 90 degree swampy humid day... than cover my legs with wool while I pull some loops! LOL! All kidding aside, this rug has become quite an obsession for me lately. I think that once I get more than half way through completing a rug, pulling loops starts to get more relaxing. Maybe it's because  my mind has already colored planned the remaining areas...

Wishing you cool creative thoughts all day today... :-)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Thank You Skippy!

Tish over at Loafer Mountain Primitives was recently adopted by the cutest kitten I have seen to date! Naming a new friend is always difficult as you want a name that sticks, is fitting for his personality and is easy to shout out the back door when that little someone is late for dinner! LOL! 

Soooooo, Tish had posted the cutest pictures of her new found friend and asked for some suggestions as to what to name him. Between the pictures and a few written details and hints of what this little guy is always up to... I offered the suggestion of "Skippy".

Well... Skippy loved his new name and as a thank you he sent me the following...

A gorgeously prim shelf! This shelf is made from recycled barn wood and milk painted a beautiful blue and accented with old square head nails. Simply beautiful!!!! Along with the shelf are some great items to help me begin decorating! A prim bonnet and apron.... a really nice wooden Treasured Friends sign and some wonderful autumn potpourri... along with a small twig wreath and metal star... The pictures are taken with everything laid out on my living room floor... but I will be getting these treasures on the wall in my front room by this weekend! I just wanted Skippy to know that I have received his gifts and absolutely admire and appreciate all of them!!!! Thanks so much Skippy! Hugs to you!

Do you want to see what Skippy is up to today? Visit Tish's blog over at Loafer Mountain Primitives. He's really a sweetheart! :-)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Radio Show at Renninger's, Kutztown, PA

We took some video of the show yesterday. They aren't all that long. So sit back, relax, and see for yourself why we're always so excited to attend this event! 

Friday, September 17, 2010

Some Autumn Decorations

Since the weather is cooler and the days getting shorter... I thought I would take some time to cozy up the house a bit. I don't really put out too many decorations for any of the holidays. Just enough to show bits and pieces of the season. The autumn decorations are getting more and more each year though, as I just can't seem to resist another pumpkin! 

Here is the area on top of my tv cabinet. I mixed in the bitterwseet garland and pumpkin make-do that I recently purchased at the Cinnamon Stick along with an old fashioned grinning cat and jack in with my daily glass bowls and flask.

This is a sweet scarecrow shelf sitter made by Pati Jane of patijanesprimitives! She gifted it to me last year as part of an Autumn swap we had with our eBay group An American Primitive Gathering (USAPRIM on eBay). I have it displayed on the back of a sofa. He's enjoying the nice, soft quilt that Kelley made! LOL!

This area here is on top of the Philco radio I had shown in an earlier post. The two needlepunches are from Kelley and the basket and glass ball jars are from my recent NC trip. Add some colored leaves and wah-lah! Instant autumn! ;-)

The sweet mousie in the jol cupboard hanger was made by Chris of mysticalprimitives (eBay name). She gifted me the redware pumpkin last year too. The owl I made last year. It's a cross stitch pattern by Country Stitches. The strawberry, though not autumn, is staying out because I really love it! LOL! It was made by Ginger from primitivesbythelightofthemoon. The jol np on the right I made last year... just not quick enough that I could display it last year. LOL!

And here is my little german twig tree... I try to put seasonal items on him throughout the year... this is how Halloween is looking so far this year... The pillow at the base was made by Debbie of woolensails.  The Wicked ornament was a freebie chart from Betty of primitivebettys. And, the pumpkin I bought from eBay last year. I'm thinking I should put some time aside to make some ornaments... I think I have some bottle cap ornaments around here somewhere too...

Here is our tiny front (sorta) foyer area. The "window" I have had since I moved here. It's a catalog purchase, and I loved it because it was made out of old wood and the window panes are actually mirrors. Adds a bit of light to an other wise dark area of the house. Mixed in with my regular every day items are just some putka pod stems, leaves, sticks and hooked sunflowers.

And lastly, is a corner in our living room. The bag on the top of the picture is hanging from the door of the clock face. In the bag iare pipe cleaner spiders! I left them in the bag so as not to scare my squeamish readers! LOL! I tucked a gourd jol into a basket that was gifted to me by Chris and placed it on top of a spider web doily that has been draped with a grinning cat garland. And the pumpkin in the carrier is made from a coverlet. I found that on eBay last year and thought it was pretty clever! 

I'm sure there are a few items I forgot to mention the details on, but you get the idea. It's mostly just some seasonal accents, rather than an all out wall to wall boo-nanza! LOL!

I did some more hooking on that big rug today! Progress pictures to be posted soon... hope everyone has a gorgeous weekend!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fun Week!

Last week was pretty durn kewl! The only complaint I have is that my camera kept staying back at my house! LOL! Yep... goes to show ya'... I really don't get out much! ;-)

Wednesday was the day that I finally made a trip out to Hereford, PA to meet up with Joanne at the Cinnamon Stick! I've been following Judy's blog for some time now and it was always fun to read what's going on there and see what goodies are being stocked in her shop... but to talk with Judy in person and actually be in the shop? So much better! If there is anybody that's been thinking about making a trip out there... hesitate no longer! You will have so much FUN!

Here's a quick picture of a couple of the goodies that had to come home with me...

I've always wanted one of these old wooden carriers. And, this one was in fantastic condition with just the right amount of worn paint on it. I'm still making what I will display in it, so look for some more pics of it in the near future. The other thing that caught my eye was an old wooden drawer! Was it the glass knob? Who knows... but I brought it home with me and now it is being used as my napkin holder on my dining room table! LOL! And, last but not least, is a little pumpkin make-do! A gal can never have too many pumpkins! :-)

Oh! And right next door to the Cinnamon Stick is a store called Homespun! This store is filled wall to wall with hand dyed woolens, quilting cottons, homespun, prairie cloth, weaver's cloth... *insert deep breath here*... rug hooking patterns, needle punch patterns, books and completed wooly projects... eye candy! I wanted to take it all home with me! :-)

The next great day of last week was Friday. Our local rug hooking guild had a regular meeting. The whole reason why I wanted to go was because everyone was to bring their rug projects from the summer. There were so very many gorgeous rugs!!!! And I was kicking myself for not bringing my camera... I can give you the link to the guild's website... hcrag.com I'm not sure if they will be posting pictures of the rugs that were at the meeting... but, there are plenty of rugs to look at there!

I did also get in some hooking and stitching time. Though, did not really get far enough to post pictures of an update. Hopefully next week will bring a good progress report on the rug at least! 

For everyone that is in the area of Kutztown, PA and enjoys antique radios... this coming weekend is a super great radio show on the grounds of Renninger's. Finished radios, project radios, parts and tubes galore!!!! This event is also along with the regulars in the Renninger's Antique Mall and Farmer's Market. That way, when you finish with the radios, you can buy some antiques, fresh meats and produce, and some fall mums, corn stalks and pumpkins too! So, fill the tank on your biggest vehicle and drive out for a fun day! :-)

I'll be talkin' with ya' soon! Have a great week!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Projects in Progress

On the tails of Hurricane Earl came some super gorgeous, cool, crisp, clean air!!! Makes a person feel human enough to smile while being outdoors! We have windows open and fresh air whisping through the house... ahhhhhh... good bye soupy days of August...  hello September and it's crisp apples, clear blue skies and touches of autumn color tinging the leaves....

And, cooler air brings back the urge to pull out the wool and get back to hooking. I've gotten a little further on the large rug... trying something new with the background. I'm also enjoying just grabbing what's near me and hooking it in... very relaxing! I hope to be pulling more loops on this piece this weekend...

One of the things I like to do is have a project in progress that fits different areas of my home... and also fits the different mood I might be in. So, on days I'm feeling really lazy, I plop into my squishy recliner in the living room, turn on the TV and engage in some mindless crocheting. I haven't ever crocheted anything with too many detailed instructions... I usually just keep with one or two different stitches and stay pretty square in the design. Again, crochet, for me, is just something to keep my hands busy... I really don't want to have to think too much while doing it. LOL! So, since I had two skeins of a Red Heart Super Saver oatmeal colored yarn, I decided to make a simple shawl. It's 16" wide and 70" long. The entire piece is crocheted using a half double crochet stitch with a size N crochet hook. Very basic. But, will serve it's purpose during the cooler days ahead.

I've also been cross stitching... my thoughts were to make two of this design... one to send as a gift to a friend, and one for me to keep. But, with this design being one strand of floss over one strand of thread on a 32 ct. linen... looks like I'll be making just this one and mailing it off to it's new home. I'll make one for myself next year... only it'll be one strand of floss over 2 strands of thread on 28 ct. linen! LOL! Maybe... have to see how big the finished piece would be... ;-)

Many thanks to everyone that bid on my auctions! I now have some change in my pocket... and some space in my craft room to create! Looks to be a win-win situation for all as some great deals were had by the winning bidders! Enjoy your quilt projects, books, cross stitch and wool applique projects!

As for me... I'll be enjoying some loops this evening... 

Until next time... :-)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Nearly Nine Pounds of Knowledge

Yep... After fussing and figuring on weights, classifications, destinations, and actual rate vs. flat rates... I've decided to list a lot of 6 quilting books as one item. All together, these books weigh nearly nine pounds... so I will be packing them into a USPS Priority Flat Rate Box for $10.70. All are great titles for the beginner to advanced quilter to add to their library. 

And yes, this auction will also be starting at 99 cents.

I'm just really needing to narrow down my hobbies a bit so that I can concentrate on the hobbies that I really want to spend time doing. Quilting is enjoyable to me... but I prefer doing the simple primitive square ones... these books have an abundance of information for the individual that really wants to learn all the details of "fancy" quilts... "fancy" meaning different shapes, traditional patterns, applique, perfect piecing... and different patterns for hand quilting... 

This will be the final offering for this set of auctions for awhile... happy bidding!

Must get back to hooking so I can share some creative updates with you... have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Two More Auctions Added

I've collected some of the cross stitch and wool applique/penny rug patterns that I have stitched up already... both lots are starting at 99 cents... hopefully you see something here you would like to stitch up as well? 

More listings to come... so check back often... I have a few quilt books that need a new home...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Auction Listings - Starting at 99 Cents

During the next couple of days I will be listing some of my quilting and cross stitch supplies and kits. All will be starting at 99 cents... some great deals to be had! Take a peak... you might just be able to get some of these projects completed in time for Holiday gift giving season... which is (actually) right around the corner!!! ;-)

Check back frequently as listings will be added many times over the course of the next day or so.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A quick hello...

I've been keeping busy with hooking that big rug, stitching a Halloween cross stitch and trying to get my lawn back to some sort of green this past week. :-) Yes, we are finally having some rain today.... but I'm hoping that it will rain more and for a few days more. Without rain, the Autumn display of color won't be as vibrant... and I'm looking forward to Autumn more so this year than any other year before...

I did receive a wonderful package of goodies in the mail last week! These are all from Kelley. She does some wonderful handwork! The quilt is all hand pieced and hand quilted and the colors are so soft and prim. I have it displayed on the back of my favorite relaxing chair. The Harvest needlepunch has a beautiful deep blue and black background that makes the pumpkin and sunflower just pop right out at you! And, to keep me hooking and stitching... she sent along some wool and cotton... Thanks so much, Kelley! I love it all!

Hopefully this week I will be updating here with some pictures of the rug progress, a shawl that I crocheted and a completed Halloween cross stitch.

Stay tuned...

Monday, August 16, 2010

RCA Video

If you were wondering whether or not they liked the radio....

The video starts with a quick narrative of the history of these two radios by That Radio Guy himself!


Thursday, August 12, 2010

1946 RCA Revisited

That Radio Guy has been creating some very appealing eye candy again! While we were rummaging through the 127 Yard Sale a couple years ago, Bob spotted a 1946 RCA 65X2 radio. These radios were either originally brown bakelite or painted black using a technique called thermoset. Nothing really exciting to look at really. But, this was a good deal, and a chance to learn while troubleshooting the electrics to get it singing again. So, Bob bought it. 

While going through the electrics and fixing it up to playing order... Bob was thinking, that maybe this radio would be a bit more appealing if it were brightened up with some new, retro color scheme... and, he was right!

His first combination was white with teal which now sits (and plays) in my kitchen...

Then, while showing his creation at a "Show & Tell" session at the NJ Antique Radio Club meeting... someone fell in love with that radio... but wished she could have one in Coca-Cola red... to match her kitchen! She probably didn't think that she would actually ever receive one... but, she will this Friday at the meeting! :-)

Just another fun way to keep radio history interesting and enjoyable in the eyes of today!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Asheville Treasures

This past Saturday, Bob and I hopped in the car and headed south to Asheville, NC for a visit with his Mom... and to see if we could find some treasures! I did good!!! :-)

Funny thing is... all but the pink bottle was found at the first shop we stopped at! The basket in the background of this picture was labeled as a "Honeysuckle Basket"... I bought it because I liked the shape and it seemed pretty durable. The ball jars I picked up because I love glass, but only have a couple of jars with the zinc lids on them... these with the clamp and glass tops are new to me. That should be enough for my Ball jar collection.

These other two bottles (did I mention that I love glass? LOL!) caught my eye because they are different from anything I have seen before. The pink one is stamped made in Italy and is actually a wine bottle. The design that is pressed into the glass caught my eye as a something that could easily be adapted to a rug pattern to be hooked! Kind of has that primitive padula look about it... or (with the the right colors) might even be interpreted as a fraktur. The other bottle is a milk bottle and what I like about it is the picture of the man on a stool milking a cow that is pressed in the front! :-) It's fun stuff like this that I seem to be attracted to... and it's glass! LOL!

And lastly, is this crock! My heart skipped a beat when I spied this tucked away in a corner behind a bench... I have always, always, always wanted one of these crocks with the bee marking on it... but never wanted to pay the price they usually command... believe me when I say... I got a deal on this! It has a slight surface crack (probably only in the glaze)... and that's about it! I'm almost considering it my "trophy" for the whole trip! LOL! 

So, with sweaty palms and racing heart I ran these treasures up to the counter to wheel and deal... and after all the dust settled... Bob picked up the tab! Whoo-hoooo!!!! Was this an awesome trip, or what?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Yah... I'm sky-high-in-the-clouds-ecstatic right now... and will be for a long time!!! :-)
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