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Monday, November 23, 2009

eBay Listings

I just listed a couple of great deals on rug hooking / rug punch items on eBay. Clicking on the link under the picture will bring you right to the auction.

Have a great day!

I'm making myself soooo dang HUNGRY thinking about Thanksgiving day! LOL! When do you start your cooking?

Friday, November 20, 2009

Midnight Silhouette Progress 2

Funny thing about hooking... I put my radio on, grab a cup of tea, light a candle and start pulling loops... next thing you know 4 hours flies by in what feels like 20 minutes?!?!?! 

Wishing everyone a splendid weekend!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Reverse Psychology

Every person I speak with seems to always explain in detail the ever growing list of

"Things To Do"

that they have. Whether it's stuff that needs to be done... job, laundry, food shopping, cooking, painting the house, cleaning the gutters, Holiday preparations, etc... or stuff they want to do... cross stitch, read a book, take a quilting class, go for a long walk on a sunny day... the list just keeps growing and growing!

Here's what I was doing... I would wake up every morning and look at my list of Things To Do, then plan my day accordingly. Then something would happen that changed those plans, and my list would be forgotten.

At the end of each day, I would look at my list. Cross off maybe 2 or 3 things... and sigh. Geeeeeez, I'm never going to get caught up! I then started to rewrite the list of things I "Did Not Do", and proceed to add some more "Things To Do". Yah... I did those 3 things... and then added 6 more.

Well, this got to feeling like a burden of heavy weight that was just zapping all energy and enthusiasm right out of my being. So, yesterday I tried something completely different!

I started a list of

"Things I Accomplished Today"

Yep... I took a deep breath and off I went to find something to do! After I completed each task, I wrote that task down on my "Things I Accomplished Today" list! When the end of the day came, I sat down and read that list and a big sense of relief and happiness overwhelmed me! Yah...

"I Did ALL Of That Stuff Today"

So, I put on my pajamas and had a most restful night sleep! This morning, I awoke energized and ready for a new day of accomplishments!

Try it, you just might like it!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Midnight Silhouette Progress

The next few postings are going to be progress pics on my Midnight Silhouette hooked rug! Since I missed my Halloween deadline... I'm promising myself a Thanksgiving finish! Yah... what a turkey I am, right? LOL! 

As you may remember, I had two options... one was to purchase an already drawn out rug hooking pattern on linen... and the other was to purchase the Blackbird Designs quilt pattern... And, that I decided to purchase the quilt pattern? *giggle* As quilters will know, quilt patterns come with elements drawn out that need to be pieced together.

I was familiar with this process as I have done plenty of penny rugs/wool applique pieces. But now to bring the cat, leaves, berries, fence and moon into a rug design? Let's take a deep breath and pull out that red dot tracer and a pencil and see where I can go with this! *grin*

After I laid out the elements on the red dot (in pencil), I then secured the red dot to my linen with quilters pins to help prevent any shifting during the transfer process. Then it was time to pull out the Sharpee permanent marker and carefully trace over the pencil lines on the red dot, so the marker ink would bleed into the backing. *deep breath* There's something about the word permanent that just scares me to death! LOL!

Then, I was ready to color plan... this is the part that I always think and think and think and think about... to the point that I felt I was never going to actually start hooking for fear of choosing the wrong color?!?!? *sigh* So, I picked a strip of wool and just started pulling loops! Had quite a bit of fun doing that actually! Had even more fun pulling out what wasn't "workin' for me" and then rehooking another color in there! Yes, it's a process... but it's FUN! 

So here's the first sneak peak preview...

Be sure and check back in a couple of days for more progress... *smile*
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