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Friday, December 11, 2009

Midnight Silhouette Progress 3

Yes.... I hear you... Thanksgiving has passed and this rug should have been finished... LOL! Well, rather than bore you with a whole super duper long list of reasons, explanations, lolly dolly-ing excuses... all I have to say is... It's the Holiday Season! ;-) 

I do hope to have the next couple of days free of "have-to's" to finish this up though... so check back some time around Monday afternoon?

You know... after I posted the picture... it looks as if the windows are the same color as the roof? Two different wools really... the windows are hooked with Rebecca Erbb's favorite dark background... and the roof is actually a brown/black/grey plaid... then I added some plum shingles here and there... hmmmmmm.... maybe I need to play with that roof a bit more? Maybe make the windows gold, like someone is home?

Hope everyone is staying safe and warm during this winter weather! Hugs to ya'!


  1. Sharon, your Midnight Silhoutte is coming along great. I love the colors and I can see the plum shingles on the roof. Can't wait to see it finished?

  2. LOL! You start making all those changes and I doubt we'll get to see it on Monday! LOL! It's looking beautiful! And BTW, I'm using that same "excuse" around here...it's the holiday season! LOL! ~~Annie

  3. Looking good Sharon! You've bee a hooking away!

  4. Your rug is coming along beautifully. I really need to hook something soon, been too long.


  5. Hi there! Great looking rug ~ I love your background! Thanks for stopping by my blog ~ you mentioned not doing much decorating this year ~ if the Seattle kids weren't coming, I think I would take a little break, too ~

  6. I love that great big flower tree beside the house....AWESOME!

  7. Keep at it Sharon, you'll have it done for next fall and be so happy you did! It's looking great! Wishing you and your hubby and wonderful Christmas.


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