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Thursday, December 31, 2009

I Am So READY...

...for the New Year!!! Sure, I was running around like a crazy person all December getting all the stuff done that I should have done during the year... But, the important thing is that everything is DONE! Or, at least it will be by the time the clock strikes 12 tonight! *wink*

In fact, December was so busy, that I haven't even realized that Christmas was here and gone... yah... no joke about that! We had our Christmas Eve dinner at my Mom's house, and Christmas Day dinner at my brother's house. Enjoyed watching my nephews open their gifts and be silly and giggle the whole time... many smiles for sure! But, I went overboard with making my gifts this year, and totally underestimated the amount of time involved... I still have yet to finish a stitchery that will be gifted to my Mom. I hope to have the stitching part done tonight, framed tomorrow and then add some finishing touches to it on Sunday for a Monday delivery.

I was up early this morning getting a lot of cleaning done. I figured that starting the New Year with a clean home would also mean starting out with a clear mind! So far, it's true as it feels great to have accomplished so much this morning, and there is still so much time left in the day.

So let's talk about those Resolution thingies a lot of people make for the first day of the new year... do you have any? Normally I don't. But, this year I feel it might be a good thing for me... guidelines. 

To start, because December was so hectic and tiring for me... my first resolution is to

Plan Ahead

Not with just the best of intentions though... but, actually do the planning and follow through. Those last minute gifts I was working on? Did not enjoy making any of them. Sad. But, true. Reason being, they were all rushed... the amount of stress put into those items was ridiculous. So, this brings me to my next resolution.


I've got a good jump on that so far! I gathered up all my patterns and supplies and sat down and made a list of all of it! Yep... I now have six double-sided loose leaf sheets of paper loaded with a list of things I am referring to as

"Things To Do Before you Buy"

I'll try my very best to stick to that one... but with so many fabulous designers out there for needle punch, cross stitch, rug hooking and applique... I might slip once or twice on that one! LOL!

On the top of the list of things to do is a wonderful 3-drawer crate that I bought (actually 2 of them) at a local craft store. After they are sanded and stained, they will neatly hold my patterns so that I know what I have and should be creating... Anybody else "accidentally" buy two of the same pattern?!?!?!? *wink*

The other thing I did was designate one of those big rubbermaid totes as my storage area for the

Gifts I Will Make During The YEAR
(as opposed to the gift making that gets crammed into the month of December)

Another bugger for me is the ability to


There simply are too many things I would love to create and try and learn, my head is spinning all of the time! Even while working on something, I'm thinking about the next thing I want to do, or thinking about what I should be doing instead of... I've been getting better with that this past week. I just wake up in the morning and say "This is my focus for the day" and just do it... there is a certain peace to that... I hope to continue with it. Living in the moment is the only way to truly experience life.

And, lastly, is what I work towards each and every year


This is a biggie! And so very important! Simplifying brings peace, clear thoughts and less time spent taking care of "stuff" and more time enjoying the life that surrounds you. Remember George Carlin and his skit on "Stuff"? Well, I have a lot LESS stuff than a did when I moved into this home 12 years ago... but I have a lot MORE peace. And that, to me, is PRICELESS!

When was the last time your heart was so light that you laughed with belly shaking and tears streaming down your face?

It feels GREAT!

Reach for it!

Live and breath it each and every day!

I'd very much like to wish everyone a most blessed, healthy, happy, ambitious, fulfilling and peaceful 2010.


  1. Happy New Year Sharon! Loved reading about what you want to do in the New year. I hope you can achieve each of them! One day at a time, just one day at a time.....

  2. Some great resolutions...some I need to make myself! Hopefully you'll do better at yours than I usually do with mine! LOL! Happy New Year! ~~Annie

  3. Have a wonderful New Year Sharon! Wsihing you the best with your list!

  4. Sharon,
    Loved what you wrote about living in the moment and just enjoying whatever you are working on at the time. I'm afraid I am always looking ahead too so I'm going to try to just enjoy the current project I am doing.

    I hope 2010 will be full of blessings for you.


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