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Friday, October 2, 2009

This Speed Round...

...was brought to you by...

Yep! A chocolate covered, sugar filled, caffeine enhanced burst of energy helped me to...

Dig up my front lawn and reseed with Pennington's "Fairway Quality" grass seed! LOL! Yep... I bought that brand because it had a golf ball on the bag! When the lawn fills in, I'm looking forward to "Tee-ing One Up"! If the neighbor asks any questions, I'll explain the bag of seed advertised "Fairway Quality Grass"... so how's a girl to resist? LOL!

Plant some MUMS! Six of them actually... two of each color! Mums are dreamy... gots to be my favorite flower!

Finish up some cross stitches I've had around for a couple of months...

This first one is called "Blue Tulip & Bunny Sewie Roll". It's a pattern from Betty Dekat of primitivebettys!

This other one is "Wicked" and is also from Betty. It's a freebie chart that she so generously offered on her blog some time back. I had to rearrange the elements to fit on the tiny piece of linen I had... waste not, want not... and now I have a cute bowl filler for the season! Thanks for the design, Betty! :-)

Start AND finish a penny rug (that I've had the pattern for maybe 3 years (or so?) LOL! Anyways, I belong to a wonderful group called "An American Primitive Gathering". Last month we had our annual "Fall Swap". I was assigned Betty Dekat to send to... so, I stitched this up for her...

The original pattern is called "Fall Harvest" and is a Wool & Whimsies (Karyn Lord) design. I had to make a few adjustments to fit the size piece of wool I wanted to use for the backing.

AND, I still had enough energy left to open a package that was sent to me from my swap partner... Pati Jane Wolf of patijanesprimitives!!!! She sure took a lot of time stitching up this Scarecrow shelf sitter with all his crows all cozied up about him! I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this guy! I have him sitting on the back of my sofa on top of a penny rug I made... THANKS SO MUCH Pati Jane! Yah... I'm STILL smilin'! :-)

Oh... and just one more thing... I had won a contest awhile back... and Kelley Belfast sent me these goodies as a prize...

I just LOVE ALL OF IT!!!! The perfect colors...the perfect items... and the perfect PUMPKINS!!! THANKS SO MUCH KELLEY!!!

Remember the mug in the very first picture? Well, that mug and hooked mat was gifted to me by Joanne! She has an awesome talent for hooking rugs, and always has a kind word to offer and a generous heart! Thanks so much Joanne! I've filled that mug to the brim MORE than once!!! ;-)

Well, I think I have ya'll caught up to date with what's been happening here in Joisey! I have more works in progress... ONE of them is the Midnight Silhouette hooked rug!!! AND, as of today I have 29 more days to Git 'er Done!!!! LOL! Better hop on upstairs and brew another pot of coffee... and open another box of Mallowmars!!!!

Until next time... have a Jumpin' Java kinda weekend!!!!


  1. Iffen Malomars can get that much accomplished - then blood sugar problems be damned - i'm buying meself a case!

    Oh and what Sharon didn't mention to you all is that she sent out a lot of fall packages - not just to Betty - she did more than that beautiful penny mat! Thanks Sharon!

  2. Hey Sharon. WOW! You have been one busy bee!!! LOVE all the stuff you've finished...and all the stuff you've received! Those mums are scrumptious...especially the gold colored ones!

  3. Okay, if those cookies can make you reseed your lawn, finish up stitcheries and make a penny rug I'm adding them to my list at the grocery store! LOL. ~Ann

  4. Sugar overload and you got me jittery in my seat just reading all you got accomplished LOL. The mums look so pretty. As does all your stitching. Beautiful work Sharon!

  5. Your yard looks beautiful! You really can come over to Kansas & help us with ours anytime! Your stitching is beautiful! I LOVE my new penny rug!!! All your goodies are just awesome!




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