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Monday, September 21, 2009

Sunshine, Radios and Fresh Air!

This past Saturday, the DH and I went to Kutztown, PA to attend the bi-annual Radio Show. I have to say, the weather was perfect for anything outdoors, and we enjoyed the event immensely! There were countless beautiful radios both on display and for sale! Some refurbished, and some needing some serious help, but all nice just the same. I like the way the radios look (mostly the wooden ones) and my DH is the one that HAS to make them play again! LOL! The hobby became his passion again about 13 years ago. He spotted a radio on eBay that was the same model as one he remembered playing with at his Grandma's house as a child. Well, he won that auction and when it arrived at the apartment... he had some fixing to do to it! Since then, he has restored over 50 radios. Some we still have, some were gifted to friends and family, and some were sold. Anyways, we did not buy any radios while we were at the show... but I did visit the farmer's market and antiques/flea market areas!

Did not buy a whole lot... but I'm happy with what I came home with! The pumpkins are HUGE and heavy! They are for making some pies. I used to make pumpkin pies with my Grandma when I was a kid. Hopefully I can remember her secret technique, as they were the BEST pies in town! :-) Extra pumpkin will be frozen for future days, as I don't want anybody to be tired of pumpkin pies before Thanksgiving! LOL! The short blue things in the pic are Glass Insulators. These were used in the "Old fashioned" electrical lines that ran along the streets to power peoples homes. I use the term "old fashioned" lightly as some towns still use them today! Anyways, I had received a craft newsletter from Better Homes and Gardens... and they crafted something pretty kewl with these insulators! When I get a few made up, I will post some pics! Wondering what that yellow thing is? It's a yellow watermelon and it is SUPER sweet and tasty! They were handing out samples at the farmer's market, so I just could not pass up trying one! And, lastly is an old bottle. I LOVE GLASS! LOL! This bottle says Kutztown Bottling Co., Kutztown, PA. Yep... HAD to have a souvenir to remember the day!

So, on Friday I just might go back to Kutztown, PA!!! ..... you see, they will be having an Antiques Extravaganza there... and my DH will be busy here at their Fall Swap Meet & Auto Show... Hmmmm... while the cats away, the mice just might play...LOL! *wink*

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  1. From scratch pumpkin pie?!?!?! How YUMMY! I just get the cans at the store. There is a funny story my Dad would tell me about when he and my Mom were first married. He spied a small pumpkin on the kitchen table before leaving for work one day. Mom told him she was going to make pie. Well, when he came home there was a jack-o-lantern sitting where the pumpkin was earlier. He didn't see or smell any pie. Mom said that when she cut it open it was just full of seeds. BLAHHHHH! ha ha ha Guess that is why I stick to canned pumpkin, huh? My Mom has NEVER lived that one down!

    I can't wait to see what you do with the insulators! I have several here that we picked up along the old railroad tracks behind our home. Maybe I can put a couple to good use?




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