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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Whoooooo's So Ready for Autumn?

ME! That's one thing that is frightfully certain! As much as I LOVE the extended daylight hours, flowers and veggies in the garden, and warm sun on my skin... I hafta it's way too sticky HOT right now!!!! LOL! I spent the last few days out in the yard weeding, trimming, pruning flowers and hedges, and even power washing the house. Ugh! I was a soggy, droopy site by sundown each day. BUT, I will say that I am totally feeling energized by the fact that it all got accomplished and now things are looking pretty neat around here! *smile*

In the evenings, I managed to fit in some stitching time! It was a real pleasure whipping up this little guy called "It's A Hoot"! Created from a pattern by Brenda Gervais of Country Stitches, little hootie helped to cool me down a little each day! Every little stitch brought thoughts of cool air, crisp blue skies, pumpkins, apples and the beautiful colors of autumn leaves swirling in the wind! Ahhhhh... I can feel it now! *goosebumps*

So without further delay, I'd like to introduce Little Hootie!

I have him perched on top of some sweet annie right smack dab in the middle of my cupboard! He waves and winks to everyone that walks by him... such a cute little bugger... thanks Brenda, for a fun pattern!

I have plenty of autumn cross stitches to work up... but right now, I think I had better get my tale into the hooking room!!!! Ya'll know why... *wink*


  1. He is so cute - great job! Brenda's patterns all appeal to me - they are just so simple and sweet. ~Ann

  2. Sharon my dear, you are doing a great job blogging! Love your little hooty owl and the rug and the slide show!! Oh my, lots of fun to see. Lori R

  3. I really love that owl. I have been looking at owls, love the prim ones and this one is neat with the stitchery. Brenda makes wonderful patterns.


  4. Your hooty owl is so cool! You did a great job on him! Me ready for autumn? No - I like feeling like a big lumpy dishrag - don't you? LOL!

  5. Sharon, the owl is adorable. You did a wonderful job!! Love Brenda's pieces... I"m seeing more and more mums at the grocery stores now. I can say I'm ready for Fall now. Wasn't a few weeks ago. Took me a while to get into the mood.

  6. What a GREAT owl! He is just so very handsome! :)




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