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Monday, August 10, 2009

Thank You & Recognition

Good Monday morning everyone!!! First off, I'd like to thank everyone that welcomed me into blogland! So far, this is pretty durn FUN! Lots of backgrounds and gadgets and little doohickies to add to blogs... I've spent a couple hours a day searching and playing with quite a few of them!

On the sidebar I have added a Slideshow gadget that features some of my past works. It basically links to my Photobucket album... but, the picture title was showing up to large in the Slideshow and nearly covering the image. So, I had to try something different. You see, most of the pieces are from patterns from some very talented designers! And, not only do I enjoy giving credit where it's due... you might want to create one yourself, and would need to know where to get the pattern? That's happened to me quite often. If you see a design you like, just click on that image and it will bring you to my Photobucket album. In the description area will be the name of the designer. If you need more info on how to contact the designer, just leave a comment and I'll get back to you! If there is nothing in the description... well, then it's something of my very own design.

Which brings me to this...

I visit quite a few blogs regularly, and some of those folks are lucky enough to attend rug shows! Well, I've been admiring this rug for some time now.... and would love to hook one of my own, but can't seem to locate where to purchase the pattern, or even the designers name... anybody know?

I'm thinking if you know who designed this rug, or where to purchase the pattern, you've got to be a hooker yourself! So, to sweeten the deal, I am offering a couple few hundred #8 cut strips of wool in primitive shades!!!!! Just post the designers info in a comment along with your email addy...

Another logo in my sidebar is the "10 minute rug hooker challenge"... Yep... I'm going to give that a try... thinking of getting into the mood for Autumn and pull a few elements together for a designed by me rug... we'll see how that one goes....

Have an awesome summer day!


  1. Hi, I've always loved this halloween pattern too and yes, I'm a rug hooker. The pattern is from Blackbird Designs. It was a quilt featured in their Midnight Silhouette book. It is also a hooked pattern that was avalible from Sandy at Americana Whatever, Corbin Mill, Liberty MO, 816-781-3313. She hooked the sample for them I believe. Hope this helps, Jan
    My email is mylilhouse@hotmail.com

  2. You do ALWAYS do such GREAT work Miss Sharon! I loved the slideshow & plan to visit it often.

    I really like the Halloween rug too. Can't wait to see your interpretation of it!



  3. That is a really nice pattern and glad you could find out who designed it.


  4. So glad someone knew the info for you Sharon. Your blog looks great! Can't wait to see what you post next!

  5. Sharon - that pattern is wonderful - love it! Would be a fun one to hook - so happy someone knew for you! And you have yourself a nice summer day too - it's hotter than snot here!

  6. Hi!! I loved your slideshow! The halloween pattern is terrific so glad someone came to your rescue right away!! Keep up the good work!


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