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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Spring Stitching

There are many projects buzzing about in my little home... some are for the home and some are stitches "just for nice"! :-) For now, I'll just share the stitchy news!

Remember that really nice project bag that was gifted to me by Kyle? Well. Here is the very first project to occupy said project bag...

It is from a freebie chart called Shamrock Basket. You can find it on Notforgotten Farm's blog by clicking HERE. With the exception of the vase, I used the charted DMC threads. The fabric I used (14ct Gold Sparkle Aida) was a bit too light.... so I had to use a darker color than the charted cream. Kinda looks lavender? But, It is actually one strand of a light grey and one strand of white. Even then, it was necessary to backstitch around the vase for even more contrast to the fabric. Anyways, it was a relaxing stitch! Thank you, Lori!

Here's a sneak peek at the next project... it's a stitch along that will begin in June...

I'm really breaking away from the darks of primitive decorating and embracing fresh whites, creams and brighter colors! As you can see from the floss, this stitch along is going to be all that and more! :-)

Another thing I discovered is that a stitcher needs to take some time to try different fabrics and threads before giving up on the art. I was having difficulty stitching on 36 count linen... too small and "floppy"... caused eye strain and slowed down the stitching because I kept loosing count of threads. So then I tried the classic 14 count aida. While easy to stitch on, I did not like the look of the aida in the background of my finished pieces. Weave/holes too big. And just when I was about to give up on cross stitch all together, I tried a piece of 32 count Jobelan evenweave that I had in stash! Love it! It's soft, but firm enough to be easy to stitch on. And, I like the look of it (in the background of the stitching). 

Here's a current project called "Little Summer Sampler" by La-D-Da. I'll be stitching more on this today.

I had kitted this up last year with the charted Weeks Dye Works threads. But, as I'm stitching on it, I'm finding I like the DMC equivalent colors more. This has been a frequent thing with me lately. The hand dyed threads are so solid (no shading) in color, and the dye lots can change dramatically. One order it's a gold, the next order (same color name) will be brown? Too expensive and very frustrating. So, I keep a good stash of DMC... so when the stitching mojo is going good.... I don't have to stop to throw a fit about color issues? lol!

The Green Star quilt is nearly finished! It started with three boxes of the "Baker's Dozen" laser cut star blocks from Laundry Basket quilts. I then used some creams/neutrals from "Secret Stash Neutral" (Laundry Basket Quilts) and "Tall Grass" (Heartspun Quilts) to add some sashing between the stars. Then I took the greens from "Tall Grass" (Heartspun Quilts) and added a good sized border. The backing is pieced with mystery fabric from Jean Horton of Country Sampler Quilt Shop... as well as the binding. The quilting (as it is in the picture) is simple "in the ditch quilting" to get it all together. But, I'm waiting for some hand quilting thread to arrive. When that gets here, I will add some hand quilting to the border and center of the starts. I'll take more pics of the quilting when it's finished.

The basket full of wool that is on top of the quilt, is a current eBay auction... along with some more cross stitch kits. If you are interested in viewing and/or bidding on the auctions, click HERE.

Which brings us to my current passion... brighter colors and flowers!!!! :-) I'm all into these Little Box of Figs! While my official subscription does not start until next month, I was able to grab up one of the "extras" that was technically the last box of last years annual subscription.

This box included the "Buttercup" quilt pattern (and the fabrics to make it), a bee themed mini notepad, some sewing themed bandaids, a brush set for cleaning your sewing machine, some sewing themed charms and a bonus charm pack of Figs & Shirtings. LOVE the "Buttercup" mini quilt pattern so much! I'll be sewing that up this weekend! :-)

As usual... there's PLENTY more to share! But, I'll let you go wander on to read some other blogs for now... just be sure to return real soon for some more quilty and cross stitchety happenings here! 


Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Lucky O'Green!

So happy that March is here! It's the month of GREEN... my favorite color! Green is the color of new beginnings, of life and of SPRING!!! Ten more days until the official first day of Spring here in the states. A little teaser of weather is here now... 60's during the day, glorious sunshine and warmer breezes! We've been opening the windows for a bit during the days and enjoying some fresh air! Such a refresher for the spirit!

I did have some luck in February too! Kyle of Timeless Reflections blog was trying her hand at making project bags. She made quite a few of them and had offered a few as giveaways. I was lucky enough to be chosen to receive the patriotic one! It is beautifully made and I love the clear vinyl front! Kyle also included a pattern for a Stars & Stripes quilt block. I'm looking forward to stitching it up for this Summer! Thanks so much!

My current cross stitch project is already "in the bag"... more details on that when I complete it! :-)

Also in the works is a GREEN quilt! There are many books about the ever popular Red & White and Blue & White quilts... I've always wondered, why not Green & White quilts? So, when I read that Laundry Basket Quilts was offering Quilter's Dozens... I ordered up 3 packs of the green ones! :-) Quilter's Dozen contains all the (laser) precut pieces to make 12 star blocks. My plans were to sew up 36 stars (got that done)... then add some cornerstones, sashing and a wide border... to make a good sized lap quilt. I'm still cutting the sashing and cornerstones.... but, here is the pile of 36 completed star blocks! FUN!

Santa Baby... he was a tremendous amount of stitches, but he is done. He's all pressed and tucked away in a box waiting until later in the year for a full finish. I simply had to get Christmas away for now... leaves me a few months to decide on fabrics to finish him into a decorative pillow. Hopefully I can get a better picture of him by then too... the background is a lot brighter and has sparkle threads in it. So pretty!

And here is Mr. Berwyn! He's all warm in a quilt next to the radiator. His "friend" is a squirrel toy. It's actually sold as a dog toy... but, Berwyn gets so excited when he sees a squirrel out the window... that we had to get him this toy so he can pretend to "take care of" that rotten squirrel... lol!

And paws... who can resist cute little cat paws? *sigh*

It seems the more I look, the more I find stash that I no longer have an interest in... if you need some quilt fabric, rug hooking patterns or cross stitch patterns... my most recent listings (beginning 8:30 pm EST tonight) can be seen HERE.

My current stitchy interests have been quilt kits, BOM's and small cross stitch projects. And now that the weather is becoming more favorable for outdoor endeavors... more time will be devoted to the yard and, of course, Spring cleaning! Yay! :-)

Rejoice and be happy! We only get one go 'round! :-)