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Monday, July 9, 2018

Happy Birthday!

Having a wonderful 48th Birthday today! Enjoying the simple things....sunshine, fresh air, stitching....and a little bit of shopping at Target. After all... a gal "needs" a new bottle of nail polish on her Birthday... next up is a local car show... turkey club sandwich for dinner...maybe a scoop of homemade ice cream... yum! :-)

I've finished a few more blocks for the Fig Tree Autumn Splendor Mystery Quilt... 2 variations of Block 2...and 2 variations of Block 3...

Would be nice if my lighting was consistent... but, you get the idea...

Also, a vignette of some patriotic stitches...

More blocks and Birthday celebrations to follow...

Until next time...stay healthy & keep on smiling!


Sunday, July 1, 2018


July has always been a fun and happy time of year for me! I like to think of it as the "official" start of Summer. Vacations (home or away), car shows, carnivals, picnics, baseball, fireworks and concerts in the park. Trees lush with green leaves and gardens full of flowers and veggies! Let's not forget about those fireflies lighting up the night... :-) Yes. I love Summer!

I'd like to thank everyone that helped get the word out that I was selling my stash on eBay! I was surprised to see blogs that I read regularly actually posting the link to the auctions. :-) I sold everything I had listed...and for that I am very grateful!!! Thank you so much!

I spent most of this weekend packing and shipping everything....so, not much to show in the way of quilty progress today. I'll just share some more pics of flowers around the yard and also a crochet project I started.

There was a time when I got bored with crochet and thought I'd never do it again. Then, one day I was in Joann's Fabrics & Crafts and spotted the pretty blues and browns in this Caron yarn. It was only after I picked up a skein and felt how incredibly soft it was... that I knew I could not leave it there. So, out came the coupons and all 8 skeins came home with me! :-)

I'm not an expert at crochet, only doing basics like blankets and scarves...so this blanket is just going to be all half-double crochet. I'm only going through the back loops on each row, so it shows as ribs instead of just a flat stitch. Nice and dense (and soft) so it will be a warm one for when the snow starts to fly again!

So enjoy these Summer Days while they are here!

Until next time...stay healthy & keep on smiling!


Sunday, June 24, 2018

The Mystery

Sometimes, just getting started is all that is needed to get things going! I was fortunate enough to have some time off from the job this past week. Nine whole days of doing "whatever"..."whenever". :-)

The weekend started off with some much needed sleep...then went on to picnics and radios shows. Then the week went to some (clothes) shopping...and on to some car shows. Then was the stuff that always gets put off until another day...like washing my car (hubby detailed it with wax and tire shine)...some more sorting and organizing around the house...then on to organizing my sewing room some more...

And that's when I took another "honest" look at all of the patterns, fabric, books, wool and thread I have...and well...that led to some more listing stuff on eBay! After thinking about whether I was really going to ever use all of this stuff (and which stuff was still enjoyable to me)...my final decision is to just concentrate on rug hooking and quilting. So, last week I listed all but a handful of cross stitch patterns (I neither have the eyes or the patience for that anymore)...and then listed all of my needle punch patterns and a frame (my hands tire too quick)...this week I have listed quilt and embroidery patterns along with a portable rug hooking frame. While I'm going to continue the rug hooking, I realize that I talk and shop more at hook-ins than I actually sit and hook. lol!

*edited* Sorry...I was just reminded that I did not include the eBay link... click HERE to go to listings.

Interests change over the years. I'm enjoying getting back to some gardening, experimenting in the kitchen (baking desserts or trying new meals) and of course there is always a road trip or two... :-)

Now. Let me explain the meaning of this posts title! :-) Remember way back in January when I said I was going to stitch what I have and buy nothing new for 2018? But, then found this one irresistible little project? Well...that little project is the Fig Tree Quilts 2018 Autumn Splendor Mystery Quilt BOM! I'm not a mystery quilter. These BOM's can get quite expensive...and to wind up with something you don't like would be disappointing! However, each year I see pics of what previous Fig Tree Mystery quilts have looked like...and each time regretted not signing up for it...and, since I love the fabrics and autumn...I was hoping this would be a win! And... it's win, win, win, win, win, win!!! :-)

Yes...that's SIX months that have been "collected" so far...and, each packet has had gorgeous fabrics and clear instructions. And, on my 2nd to last day of vacation...I finally got started with the FIRST month! :-) There are five blocks in the first month....and so far, I've only completed one...

But... sometimes, just getting started is all that is needed to get things going!

Until next time...stay healthy and keep on smiling!


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