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Sunday, October 6, 2019


As I sit here typing this post on my last day of what was nine days away from the job (also known as living life on someone else's schedule)..lol... I am realizing that "staycations" are highly underrated! I enjoyed nine days of getting done what I wanted and needed to get done around the house and yard, along with some relaxing and quiet time to think.

Naturally, it all started out with a burst of energy and enthusiasm to get the "have to's" out of the way. So some cleaning was done (windows, blinds and curtains) ...then came some dusting ...followed by some autumn decorating. The weather was absolutely glorious! Sunshine most of the days with temps ranging from 95 F one day all the way down to 58 F the next day. We were even blessed with a full day of rain! Honestly...the grass was so brown and everything so dusty from going so long without rain this Summer...I enjoyed the rain...and the coolness...and yes, I enjoyed a nap that day too! :-)

And the Wednesday (Oct 2nd) that it was 95 F was not only the hottest October day on record since 1941 (here)....but it was also our 20th Wedding Anniversary! So, DH and I enjoyed a day trip out to Pennsylvania...then back to here for a rather large and belly busting dinner at a local Italian restaurant! Every last crumb was delicious...we had to bring dessert home....and enjoyed leftovers the next day.

The time off also allowed me to make some progress on this little cross stitch piece I started way back in July...

I'm thinking I still need to add a little something around the neck of the paddle...though I haven't quite figured out what that little something should be?

With time moving a little slower during the last nine days... it also became clear to me that what I actually enjoy doing with my time off is not what it used to be. I'm thinking I'd like to change things up a bit and get back to rug hooking! :-) While I did sell off quite a bit of wool and patterns...I still have PLENTY to keep my hands and heart busy for a long time! So, check back here for some rug hooking projects real soon!

After reading a couple of blogs and watching some YouTube channels, I've decided that the style of cross stitch that I do is going to change as well. I may do a sampler here and there (I have 2 of those projects kitted and ready to go)...but, I'm going to give "full coverage" cross stitch a try. My eyes are weary of the linen...so I'm thinking some 14ct Aida is in my near future!

And needlepoint! I haven't done needlepoint since I was a child (like maybe 8 yrs old?)...I have two kits "in the queue"...stay tuned for that as well!

So with all of these new thoughts and new projects coming up...I also decided it was time to clear out some MORE projects I have lost interest in. The biggest one would be the "Mystery Autumn Sampler" by Fig Tree that I started last Summer...and a couple of other quilt kits, quilt patterns and cross stitch patterns...I divided everything into 4 weeks of eBay auctions...with Week 2 going on now. Click HERE if you are interested in seeing or adding any of it to your list of projects! lol!

So yes...I guess you can notice that there was a lot of change going on here during my two and a half month absence from the blog. But, that IS what Autumn is all about, right? Change?

I'm a firm believer that change is good. Change brings new opportunities to our lives.

My DH invested in a camera upgrade...so we can get more detailed pics of Berwyn...lol!

And, DH can make better videos of the events we attend. Did I mention that September 21st was another Kutztown Antique Radio Show? Well...here's a short video of the event (using the new camera)... ;-)

That about bring the blog up to date! There's plenty more going on here...but, I'm thinking this post is long enough...lol!

Be back soon... promise! :-)

Until next time....stay healthy & keep on smiling!


Sunday, July 21, 2019

Hot Diggity Dangit!

Central NJ is suffering an incredible heat wave right a long with most of the USA right now. Today's actual temp reached 99 F and the heat index maxed out at 111 F. Add in the humidity and it is just horribly unbearable to be outdoors...unless you can plant your whole self in a swimming pool (of which we do not have)... The good news is that lots of rain and a cool front will bring us relief tomorrow... I'm counting the seconds! lol! :-)

A big THANK YOU to everyone for commenting on what they love most about Summer! Sunshine, fresh cut grass, beautifully colored flowers, fresh vegetables from the garden (tomatoes & corn especially)....I'd like to add fireflies at dusk, morning dew and the aroma of tomato plants! Heck....most of everything about Summer is a party for the senses!

The WINNERS of the giveaways are:

Gift #1 ~ Not a single vote for this gift...so back to the pattern bin they go...

Gift #2 - Lauren ~ Rugs and Pugs blog

Gift #3 - Kelley ~ With Hook & Needle blog

With having to stay inside this weekend to keep cool....I did manage some more stitches on "Spell of the Moon". Believe it (or not) this was the ONE start I did for "Stitch Maynia"...and here it is mid July and I'm about a third of the way into it? lol! I'll be stitching more on this tonight...so more progress next post.

Now is when the Autumn stitching begins... it's always a pleasure to dream of cooler air while pumpkins, acorns, leaves, witches, bats and black cats fly from the hook and needle!

Speaking of cats... Berwyn has been keeping busy...

He played himself to sleep...

...then he cooled himself off in the bathroom sink...

...took some time to make sure my DH tested his radio properly...

...enjoyed another nap...

...and said "mouse" for the camera!

Yes indeed...this little guy is just the bestest furry buddy ever! Stay tuned for a little Berwyn video soon!

Right now it is time to get back upstairs to the air conditioning...we have two window units just barely keeping our two bedroom ranch house cool...both have been running non stop for the last 5 days...

Until next time...stay healthy (and cool) and keep on smiling!


Saturday, July 13, 2019

Let's Get This Party Started!

Almost half way through July...and enjoying every single day of it! The actual date of my Birthday has passed...but, the celebration continues!

It all started with a trip out to the Kutztown Folk Festival. The fairgrounds were full of artisan handcrafts...delicious PA Dutch foods...farm animals and equipment...and the famous Quilt Barn! Here is a sampling of some of the quilts...

Believe it or not, all of these were hand quilted! They did have an area set up with a quilt on a frame....and anyone who wanted to could sit a bit and add some stitches to the quilt!

And, for those of you who would like to check out a short video of the hit 'n miss engines as well as some baby animal cuteness...

And now for the gift part of the party!!! I had mentioned in a previous post that I would be giving away the pattern to "All Things Grow With Love"....well... Karen of Log Cabin Quilter blog showed an immediate interest...so, once I finish stitching it up, the pattern will be on it's way to her!

The next round of gifts is about to begin! Here's how to win...in the comments section below, please share what you love most about Summer...and also indicate which gift you are most interested in...winners will be announced Sunday, July 21st. Postage rates will limit this giveaway to USA residents only please...

A group of 5 Fig Tree Quilts patterns!

A patriotic punchneedle made by me! 

A patriotic punchneedle made by Merrie of maggiesfarm

After a few days off from work...I did manage to get a good start on some quilting and cross stitch projects. Not as much as I had originally planned to get done...but that's what always seems to happen. Sometimes it's nice to just relax and "be" without an agenda. And that's what I (mostly) did. More "down sizing", more organizing, quietly reading, time out in the garden enjoying the flowers, walking Berwyn around the yard...and day trips with the hubby! After all, we spend most of our daily lives punching a clock to earn a living, running errands, honey-do lists around the house... I've been learning that the gift of time and the sense to slow down and enjoy it, is one of the most precious gifts you can give (or receive)!

Each day is a blessing...enjoy every second!

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