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Saturday, September 8, 2018

Here's My Story...

After such a hot, humid and fast Summer....I'm looking forward to cooling down, drying off and slowing the pace while we ease on into Autumn!

I'll share a couple of highlights from August... First was a trip out to Hershey, PA! Nope. Not for chocolate, but to visit the Antique Auto Museum. We've been talking about checking it out for a few years now....and since I had some time off from the job...we finally made the drive out. Here's a short video of a small portion of the museum...

Then, of course, there were a few more blocks stitched together on the Fig Tree Mystery Autumn Sampler...

Followed by a little break from sewing...to make some time for this little one...

Sorry about the blurry pic, but our indoor lighting is not too good in the living room. You can bet there will be more photos in future posts...but for now a super quick video of the little guy in action...

His name is "Berwyn" and he's about 5 months old now. After talking about adopting a kitten (and not having any luck with shelters in the area) for about a year now... we "rescued" this little one from a litter that was found in our friend's back yard! :-) They managed to catch him and a few of his siblings...and have since been able to find homes for all of them! :-) Berwyn is definitely one cool cat! Now I wonder why we didn't adopt sooner? lol!

So there you have it! That's my story...and I'm stickin' to it!


Tuesday, August 14, 2018

A Few More Blocks

It's been an odd Summer here.... lots of humidity and rain... and it's the kind of rain that is predicted EVERY day... not that the whole day is a wash out... but, just enough rain (read super-mega-sudden-downpours) in a day to cancel a car cruise night, or prevent the grass from drying out enough to cut it.... need I mention the mud and mosquitoes that are waiting for me when I get near the garden to weed.

And so.

I sew.

A few more blocks on the Fig Tree Autumn Splendor Mystery...

The fun thing about these sampler blocks, is that some of these are "borrowed" from an existing Fig Tree quilt pattern. Maybe they are resized for this project, but Joanna includes the entire original pattern with that months' shipment. This is super cool...because if I enjoyed making the block for this project, I can always use the original pattern to make the whole quilt it was originally designed for. :-)

Am I still enjoying the process of making these blocks? Yes.

Am I learning anything new while making these blocks? Absolutely! Those 3 little Acorn blocks have some "learning curves" in them. Not enough to fret about and re-do them... but, I think I will adjust the technique I used to make these....to get a bit more accurate cutting with my next ones! :-)

It's all good.

It really is! 

Until next time...stay healthy & keep on smiling!


Saturday, August 4, 2018

Fig Tree Mystery Progress

Thanks so much for the Birthday wishes! It was a fun month filled with car shows, sewing, road trips, relaxing and many helpings of ice cream! :-) Now it's time to get back to the d-i-e-t! lol!

A few words about the comment emailing dilemma... while the fix did work initially, it stopped working after about 8 comments. I went and repeated the whole "fix" process and it is still not working. I do manage to receive replies to comments that I've left on some blogs...and from those I've noticed that their email addresses are all gmail accounts. So, I'm guessing that until I can get around to getting a gmail address...I'll have to respond to comments the old fashioned way.

Anyways....a little bit of progress on the Fig Tree Autumn sampler...

I'm still enjoying the process of stitching these blocks...and yes, I'm still behind on the shipments of them... I'll catch up....eventually.

I hope everyone is enjoying their Summer! The crickets have begun their nightly serenades here...so Autumn is slowly waltzing in on it's cool and colorful dance...

Until next time...stay healthy & keep on smiling!


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