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Saturday, March 21, 2020

Welcome News

We all know what is on the forefront of everyone's mind these days...and the news reports thus far haven't had many positive things to say about COVID-19... but, today I read some good news that I thought was worth sharing!

This article tells the story of an older man that was hospitalized this past Sunday with symptoms... his medical care team started administering an anti-malaria drug on Tuesday... and now today (Saturday), he has shown remarkable improvement! Click HERE to read the story.

You know... when I am at home (and do not have the news on), everything seems "normal". The sun is shining and there is a nice breeze... Berwyn is meowing that he wants to go for a walk in the yard (on a leash)...hubby is in his "Radio Lair" testing and soldering... as he restores a family's heirloom radio... I wait (not so patiently) for the mailman to bring thick envelopes containing a nice haul from Nashville Needlework Market...*grin*... and also calmly stitch the time away... and perhaps bake, decorate our home for Easter and (of course) tackle some "extra" cleaning... yes, cleaning does help my mind to settle a bit these days...

It really isn't until I drive to work that this whole COVID-19 really starts to get REAL. The area where I live is an area of (what I think of as) excess. So many stores, restaurants, movie theaters... whatever you need is always a short distance from your doorstep. And now, to drive to work in the morning and have very little traffic (my commute takes half the amount of time these days)...to see stores and restaurants locked up tight with COVID-19 signs on the doors.... to go into a grocery store (or big box mart) and see bare shelves... not only is it surreal, it's just plain old frightening!

So. We do what we can...wash hands, keep proper social distancing, get outside to enjoy lots of fresh air...and (here's a biggie) only buy what we NEED from the store...so there can be some available for the next person...

So, with that out of the way....let's move on to a report from "Happy Hobby Land"!!!! lol!

There was a finish this week! It was last night (March 20th) that I had put the last x in this Halloween piece...I had to look back in my blog to see when I started this....October 20, 2019.

Victorian House #9 - Judith Kirby
While it looks out of square, it is square. Needs to be pressed yet (and framed).

This design had originally looked pretty simple to me. I thought "I'll have that done in a weekend"... Ha! All of that backstitching for the branches and spider web had my eyes going in every which direction...and the counting and recounting was driving me bananas!!!! So yes...while the 14 ct Aida made it easier to see the holes...the design still remained a learning challenge! And I'm happy with that (no matter how long it took)! :-)

A couple of years ago I had thought that I was sooooo not interested in stitching samplers any more. Well...I'm practically obsessed over them at the present!

Here are a few of my picks from Market...

Charlotte Mills 1844  - Fox & Rabbit Designs

Consider The Lilies - Heartstring Samplery

Maria Phinney 1832 - Shakespear's Peddler

 Little Birds - Blackbird Designs

My Heart Can Rest - Blackbird Designs

Oh Joyous Day - Blackbird Designs

We Live In Hope - Blackbird Designs

Sewing Club - Blackbird Designs

Whew! Seeing it all up on the big screen here has me a little bit nervous! Iffin' it took five months to finish that little Victorian House #9... I had better start stitching multiple projects at once (and forget about sleep) so that I can finish some of the designs I acquired from Market! :-)

I'm going to stop here...but know that there is MORE happiness to share in the near future! So, visit again soon!

Until next time... stay healthy and keep on smiling!


Sunday, February 9, 2020

Fast Forward to February

Usually I am bored out of my gourd during January...but, this year has been running full speed ahead since day one. Plenty of work to do at the job...gobs of fun stuff to do around the house...quite a few appointments to get to...and a crazy amount of creative ideas sprouting in my head...

It is evident one should "never say never"! When I first heard of Flosstube, I laughed. I said to myself "What? Folks are complaining about how much time it takes to write a blog post...yet now they are making 60 to 90 minute videos about cross stitch? How could anyone talk to much about something as simple as cross stitch?"

Well...all it takes is simply finding the Flosstubers that are stitching the same designers you are...and then learn about a few MORE similar designers...and BLAMMO! You are sucked into that computer screen for HOURS! Cuz, you know Youtube likes to keep those videos lined up and autoplaying... lol!

Then, I found I did not have any "me time" to actually get to stitching...grrrrrr...and the stash began to accumulate (again). Well. Today I discovered that it makes for a perfectly loverly day to have the flosstube play WHILE you are stitching...what a concept, huh? ;-)

Some quick progress was made on Victorian House #9...

The aida is quite stiff and the project is kinda small. So, I started stitching this "in hand". Which became cumbersome after I decided I did not want to roll up (and hold) the parts that I had stitched. So, I remembered I had purchased some stretcher bars and tacks for my needlepoint adventure...and decided to give it a try with the cross stitch. Well...it works wonderfully! Nice and lightweight...and the set I have has multiple sizes, so I can make a frame to be the same size as my background fabric.

I've made quite a few batches of cookies during the past month...mostly peanut butter! I started with the basic recipe from my Betty Crocker Cookie Book...and have been tweaking some ingredients here and there. I thought they needed to be a bit softer (added an extra egg) and then thought they needed more peanut butter flavor. So, I've nearly doubled the amount of peanut butter of the original recipe...but think it finally "works for us"! lol!

Today was another "box experiment"! :-) King Arthur Flour Company's Cinnamon Buns! Once again, the instructions were easy to follow and the end result was quite tasty! The only thing that I would change is the length of time for baking...I think these would have been perfect if they were taken out of the oven 5 minutes sooner. So. Next time! :-)

I was in the mood to start quilting the Summer Breeze quilt....and last weekend I finally got out the backing fabric... pieced it together, ironed it all nice-nice and masking taped it to the floor. Then I went to the closet and discovered that I did not have batting big enough? Ugh! So. I untaped the backing from the floor, put it away...and went to the computer to order the batting. It arrived late yesterday. But, I was making such good progress on the cross stitch, that I decided to stick with that for the remainder of the weekend.

We've got a three day weekend coming up...that is when I plan to start quilting the Summer Breeze quilt...and hopefully get closer to finishing that Victorian House #9.

Of course...if the weather is sunny and warmer...you might just find me out in the yard digging and dreaming of some Summer sun ripened tomatoes!!! ;-)

Thanks for visiting...I'll be back again real soon!


Friday, February 7, 2020

Groundhog Day

He's got one eye open!!!

I guess that means...

An Early Spring!!!!!


Stitchin' update coming soon...


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