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Sunday, February 11, 2018

When You Think You Can't

And so... you know how it goes... we all TRY to be good...but, sometimes you just have to misbehave a little every once in awhile! :-)

While I was reading blogs a couple of weeks ago...I discovered that Pam Buda of Heartspun Quilts was running a special in her web store. Pam had designed a lovely Valentine Runner...the pattern was free with any purchase...but, with a $35 purchase, you received the pattern AND a fabric kit for free. Since I had been admiring her Tall Grass fabrics, I ordered a bundle of those (pictured left), so I could receive the fabric kit and pattern for the Valentine Runner (pictured center). The fabrics for Tall Grass as well as the fabrics in the kit are absolutely gorgeous! And, I could not wait to get started on the runner!

After starching my fabrics, I began to read the instructions for cutting. Well...when I read all these 1" cuts, I though to myself.... "Wow! I've never sewed with such teeny tiny pieces...I don't think I'll be able to finish this..." So, I put it aside for a week. Then, just last night decided to give it a try....

After setting my Janome on super turtle speed and making good use of a couple of strategically placed pins here and there... I managed the piecing better than I had originally anticipated! :-) As a side note: the blocks finish at 3"...so those cream squares in the center measure 1/2"! While the runner won't be complete in time for Valentine's Day, I am super happy with my progress on it so far! :-)

So. As the title of my blog reads... "When you think you can't"... I'm go to add that "You at least need to TRY"... because you just might learn that you CAN!

I thought I'd share the update on the Paint By Number too. It's all painted, just needs a coat of sealer and a frame. I was surprised at the interest it brought...and learned that many of you remember them from your childhood...but did not realize they were still available for purchase today! Paint By Number kits are a bit different than they used to be. Many more variations in subject as well as a lot more detail in the designs. You can find them online, or in your local craft stores. I think that if you enjoyed them as a kid, you'd enjoy the newer varieties of today!

So that's about it for now! Next post will contain a finished Valentine Runner... the reveal of the "Secret Project" I signed on for... and maybe one more similar (yet different) project in the works!

Until next time... stay healthy and keep on smiling!


Sunday, January 7, 2018

Here's A Thought

I've always had a fascination with paint by numbers. Individual little shapes of solid color that all together create an image. Something simple to relax with while listening to some favorite music. That's what I've been doing the last couple of weekends. Tired from the Holiday hustle and bustle and just needing to wind down at the end of the year... not enough brain power to start something new... but, too fidgety to sit and do nothing. Did I mention too cold to be outdoors unless absolutely necessary? Yep. Four degrees below zero last night.... yikes!

So. Open up that box, get that brush out...match the number on the paint pots to the number on the stamped board...and just let the stress flow out of your system.

Painting with paint. lol! I say that because I've often heard of Needlepunch Embroidery referred to as "painting with thread"....as well as Rug Hooking referred to as "painting with wool". So, while I was painting with paint... I thought, "How nice would this design look as a punch needle piece?" The colors are already sectioned out, so it would be easy to transfer to weaver's cloth and punch with thread. And, after all, I've taken quilt patterns and converted them to rug hooking patterns... as well as converted cross stitch patterns to needle punch patterns. Hmmm... I may try it with a different design. Some day.

How about you? What was your favorite childhood craft? Have you thought about giving it a try as an adult? Maybe put a fresh spin on an old idea? 

Reading blogs is always enjoyable too... and especially fun with the beginning of a New Year! I've seen many lists of quilts to stitch and rugs to hook... soooooo much inspiration and positive energy!!!

Which brings me to my "word for the year"... well... actually, I picked two words....
(with a side of FRUGAL)

Yes. I do aspire to create more than I did last year. But, I also want to continue to maintain a realistic budget for it all. Use what I have before I even think about adding anything new! Of course, behaving 100% would be a tad bit boring... so, I did add ONE more "new"... but, we'll keep that a secret until it arrives... ;-)

Wishing everyone a healthy, happy, prosperous and creative 2018!!!


Sunday, December 31, 2017

A Good Year

You know... I've started this post a couple dozen times... and I just don't know where to start? Methinks it is perhaps the dwindling frequency of my postings, that always leaves me with too much to squeeze in one post? ;-)

Perhaps. But, during years past, I've noticed that as the year reaches it's 3rd quarter... the atmosphere of what the following year will bring has already begun to evolve. So, whatever your elected "word" for the year, and/or "resolutions" may be... you've already begun to work on them without really realizing it.

I look back now and noticed I never officially posted my "word" for 2017. Though I kept it in the forefront of my mind that it should be "Simplify". And simplify, I did. A post or two back I mentioned selling off most of my quilting, stitching and rug hooking stash. After that post, I continued to sell off more (it was almost an obsession)... and then started on selling just about anything that I considered excess and could fit into a manageable sized box to be shipped off to someone else that may find joy with it. I discovered that I got happier and happier with each and every package that I took to the post office. I felt lighter. And I then began to realize that I now also felt a deeper appreciation for what remained in my home. :-) Yes. It is true. Less truly IS more...

But, since I put so much time and effort into clearing the excess... I was left with little time and energy to create anything or to share on the blog. *oops* Would you believe I even went a whole year without pulling one single loop (on a hooked rug)? 

Yes. I've got more going on in my life than hobby stuff.... don't we all? But, my choice is to keep my blog light and creative... if we want to hear depressing stuff, we'll turn on the news, right? lol! So, with that said... see you here next year for some fun stuff!!!

Be good and enjoy each day!


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