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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Try Something New

Alas! Sweet Finch is ready to fly! :-) 

A cross stitch kit design by Samplers Not Forgotten... this pin cushion and scissor fob were super fun to stitch! The colors of floss a delight, the over one a challenge (with a pleasing result).... and a "new to me" technique to finish the edges of the pin cushion...

The pin cushion finished at 5 1/2" x 3 1/2". It is firmly stuffed with scraps of wool, fabrics and cotton batting. Pin and button accent is included in the kit.

The scissor fob finished at 2" x 1 1/2". It is lightly stuffed with scraps of cotton batting. Cording is braided Weeks Dye Works floss. Backing fabric is included in the kit.

And, a detail pic of the finishing... aged ric rack, tacked down by weathered beads! Love it! It was easy to do...and I'm looking forward to using this technique on future projects!

I do have a few quilt kits and quilting related items listed for sale on eBay (all ending this Thursday evening, the 4th). If you are interested, click HERE to view them.

Another Samplers Not Forgotten design is in the frame... updates soon! :-)

Stay safe, healthy and stitch on! :-)


Saturday, May 23, 2020

Moonlit Treaters

Life in quarantine is rolling right along here... with each day blending into the next. Our Governor is starting to loosen the restrictions a little each day, which is nice... because that means that our hospitals are getting back to normal. :-)

If I had an unlimited amount of resources (read $$$), I would gift each essential worker a vacation to a destination of their choice! Lord knows they all need some time to rest and destress! :-)

On the stitching front is a finish! These little Mill Hill kits are going to be a regular thing for me from now on! ;-) Once you finish all of the regular stitching... the beading can begin! This was my first beading experience and I can honestly say that not only is it an enjoyable process, but it certainly adds a nice sparkle to the design!

"Moonlit Treaters" was finished on May 13th. Mill Hill also makes frames to fit their designs. It was as easy as place the stitched piece into the frame, then back with a piece of foam core. I cut the foam core slightly larger, so that when pressed into the back of the frame, it fits tight and no glue is needed to keep it all in place.

Next was a Nashville Needlework Market 2020 purchase. This is a kit called "Sweet Finch" by Samplers Not Forgotten. I finished the stitching this afternoon. While both pieces are stitched using one strand of floss... the larger piece is "over two" and the smaller piece is "over one".

I'll admit that I'm not a fan of "over one"... and was tempted to just stitch it "over two", as there was plenty of linen included in the kit. BUT, I figured let's accept the challenge and give it a try! And challenge it was on 36 ct... so, I donned my regular readers OVER a pair of cheaters to be able to see the linen threads... it took some patience and some focus, but it was doable! And, I'm pleased with the end result. Over one looks nice... but, I won't be purposely seeking out over one designs any time soon! lol!

The kit also includes the backing fabric, trim, beads and ribbons needed for finishing... so, no excuse to not be back soon to show the completed pinkeep and fob!

I also did a little bit of stash enhancement... Lila's Studio, Kathy Barrick and Carriage House Samplings... Mmmmmm... I want to start them all now! :-) Progress pics soon!

It's not a post without pics of Berwyn... when he's not sleeping in my stitching box...

He's showing off on top of his scratching post!

Pet's are wonderful additions to your life and home! If you are considering adopting a cat or dog... or even a fish... please do it now (responsibly)! :-)

Until next time... stay healthy and keep on smiling!


Friday, May 1, 2020

The Merry Month of May

Remember when you were a kid...and it seemed like time was soooooo sloooooooooow. The school day seemed a lifetime and waiting for Christmas morning (after whispering your wish list to Santa) seemed an eternity! Then, as we grew into adults, time seemed to speed up! As we maintained a home, worked full time, perhaps even took college courses in the evenings as well... And weekends? Always felt like 2 hours instead of 2 days... I found myself frequently wishing for time to slow down a bit... Well, guess what? The entire month of April has been THE slowest month I've experienced in like, FOREVER! I'm not complaining... I'm just saying it's kind of nice to be allowed the privilege to savor each moment....and take one day at a time...

The other positive (from the shelter in place order) I've noticed is the air quality where I live. The sky is a clear blue....with very little haze along the horizon... the air is fresh and clean! When I go outdoors, I actually look forward to taking long, deep breaths! All that lovely oxygen just wakes up the brain and livens the spirit! If there is any good to come from this horrible coronavirus... I'm going to guess it's the appreciation of a simpler, slower, old fashioned living.

Our grocery store shelves are slowly starting to get back to "normal". Toilet paper, bathroom cleaner, Tylenol and bottled water are available again (though purchase limits have been set). Some sections of the meat department are limited... and stuff like eggs have been priced quite a bit higher than they used to be.

The goofiest thing I have witnessed in our area (Central NJ)... was on our way to Costco earlier this week. We passed a Starbucks. I could not believe my eyes when I counted THIRTY cars in line for the drive thru! And yes, there were two guys directing traffic, so that the line did not block the flow of traffic on the highway. C'mon people... seriously (necessary)?

You might think me and King Arthur have a thing going on... but we don't! No monetary affiliation with them whatsoever. But, I did bake a Chocolate Babka using their box mix. And it was YUM!

Then today I made their Peanut Butter cookies. Recipe from the King Arthur website recipe section.

Earlier in the week was two loaves of Banana Pineapple bread. A 37 year old recipe from a friend of mine whom I met in Maine!

Looks like Sunday will be back to King Arthur. Found a recipe that sounds intriguing... Doughnut Muffins! Yep....looks like a muffin, but supposed to taste like a plain donut! Resistance is futile!

I remember telling myself I'd NEVER try a Mill Hill cross stitch kit. Why? Because they are stitched on perforated paper and I always questioned the durability of the paper. Well... thanks to YouTube, I was talked into giving one a try. It's not "paper" as you may think it. It looks like it has been painted with an enamel type paint. And feels a little like "plastic index card paper". So, I'm hoping the finished piece will last a long time. Mill Hill has so many designs available... and I could not resist this one... "Moonlit Treaters".

Stitching on perforated paper is very easy. The holes are large (similar to 14ct), so that it "feels like" your stitching on needlepoint canvas. I have most of the stitches completed... next comes the beads! Learning how to add beads was one of the main reasons for trying this Mill Hill kit. You see... I have about five Mirabilia's "in the stitching que"... and ALL of them have a good amount of beading in them. Will I stitch another Mill Hill kit? Not for awhile. While this one is only 5 1/2" square, it is full coverage stitching, and it is taking waaaay longer to complete than I had anticipated. My next Mill Hill will probably be a smaller, ornament type design. They do have some nice Jim Shore Christmas ornament designs... and Halloween ornaments designs... and... lol!

Anybody notice that strange look on the hare's face from my last post? That look that said "You baby chicks (on the left) had better not wander off?".... Well... I did... I was off a few rows in my stitching. So, I frogged 'em out and put them back in the tidy spot they were supposed to be! That's right....no more watching Flosstube while stitching for me... I've done more frogging in the past month than I have in my entire 10 years of stitching...lol!

Well. It's May. And, I'll be stitching on stuff. Not going to follow the traditional "Maynia" of it all though. I guess may "plan" for the month will be to stitch on what I already have kitted. I'll start with some smalls and then carry the leftover flosses onto the bigger projects... I'll refer to those bigger projects as "Sanity Samplers"... lol!

Happy mail is always welcome! I was the lucky winner of a giveaway over at Nanaland! Arlene had stitched Farmyard Parade from Brenda Gervais... and decided to pass along the pattern to a fellow stitcher! Thank you again, Arlene... I'm looking forward to stitching this one for this Summer!

That's the best word I could think of to describe the amount of stitchy stash that has arrived on my doorstep since Nashville Needlework Market. One day it was practically a blizzard with whiteout conditions! :-)  I'm so grateful that needlework shops are still mailing orders (and USPS is still delivering)... the time I spend cross stitching has been so peaceful... and peace is definitely something we can all use during this pandemic...

While this post has been rather wordy...with few pics... I'll leave you with a promise to have more pics than words in the next post! But no pic will be cuter than Berwyn... reminding you to...

Wash your paws! lol!

Until next time... stay healthy and keep on smiling!


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