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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!

On this Thanksgiving Day, please remember to...

Count your
(not the calories)

Until next time...stay healthy and keep on smiling!


Sunday, August 20, 2017


Have you ever wondered if maybe you "don't have time to quilt" simply because you don't MAKE the time to quilt? I had this thought many times these past few weeks. I was thinking....maybe I lost interest in this quilt and THAT is the reason why I simply don't make an effort to put an hour a day into it...


Yesterday, I put aside the entire morning to see how much more I could accomplish on this project. And lo and behold, the blocks started getting together and stacking up on the table....then the blocks went into rows and soon enough those new rows got together with the rows from last month and "poof!"...I now have a quilt top that measures 56"x70".

Now what? Well... I figured out that I'm not losing interest in the quilt...I'm just bored with making the same block over and over again...


I have a few ideas rolling around the space between my ears...and once again this is an exciting project to devote some effort to...let's see what I'll be making time for today....

Until next time...stay healthy & keep on smiling!


Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Independence Day!

Happy July 4th to everyone in the USA!!!

This seems to be the time of year when the red, white and blue is displayed the most! I've seen quite a few beautiful patriotic quilts displayed throughout blogland... always makes me want to pull out some red, white and blue fabric and stitch one up for my home... but, I'm always at least 3 seasons (and 3 years) behind in my stitching... lol!

A little vignette in the front entry of my home...

...always poor lighting in my house, which is why I rarely takes pics indoors... so, let's go outside in the driveway and get a progress pic of the scrappy rail fence quilt I've been working on...

Each block is a 9-patch (of sorts).... the progress so far is two rows of 5 blocks. My goal is to make this 6 or 7 rows of 5 blocks, so that it fits a twin bed.

Sunny and hot here in central NJ... a nice, long weekend of picnics, fireworks, sewing, relaxing and air conditioning! :-)

Until next time...stay healthy & keep on smiling!


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