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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Progress on Josephine

Each night after work, sometimes I stitch a little bit, and sometimes I trim a little bit. So that by the time the weekend arrives... I'm all ready to sit at my Janome and assemble some blocks...

... and then those blocks get assembled into rows...

...and since the sun was shining today, I was outside quite a bit... so the rows have not been assembled into a quilt top just yet...


We are back to each night after work... sometimes I'll stitch a little bit...

Until next time, enjoy each day for the gift that it is!


Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Blessings

I hope everyone enjoyed a beautiful Easter yesterday! We had warmer temps and sunshine... made for a great day to relax and enjoy a great meal...

As promised... a couple of updates on some projects in progress... first up is Part 2 of the Blackbird Design's Garden Club Series. This one is named Apple Orchard.

The next quilt is named Josephine and is from an older Easy Quilts magazine. I'll give all the details when this top is completed... right now, here is a peek at the fabrics all cut and ready for piecing. Yes... I did make a sample block before cutting up all that fabric! :-)

So far, the instructions for this have been very clear and easy to follow... since this pic was taken, some flying geese units have been made. :-)

That's about it for here... we're enjoying all of the colors of Spring... so many flowering trees are blooming... and of course, there's daffodils, crocus and hyacynths! It used to be that Fall was my favorite season... as I'm getting older, I'm learning to appreciate each Spring more and more!

Until next time... enjoy each day for the gift that it is!


Sunday, March 20, 2016

Woolrights Spring Hook-In

Yesterday was a beautiful, cloudy day... just right for a road trip! I ventured out to Lancaster, PA to attend the Woolrights Spring Hook-In! 200 plus people participated in the hooking part of the hook-in... some people (like myself)... just went to look at the hooked rugs on display... and see what the vendors were offering...

Here is a handful of the rugs that were on display...

...and although I wanted to purchase SO much more... I stayed with just spending the pre-set amount of cash I had brought with me... yep... the plastic stayed home!

...a few pieces of wool from the Wool Studio... a hooked rug pattern and two punchneedle patterns from The Old Tattered Flag.

Like I said... a good day for a drive out to the country... to visit with wooly goodness!

Next post will be an update on some of the projects I've been sewing... maybe even a progress report on one (or more) of the three projects I just purchased at the hook-in? *wink*

Until next time... enjoy each day for the gift that it is!

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