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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Temecula Summer Quilt - Week 11

So here it is folks... a Summer Quilt program that I (mostly) managed to keep up with! ;-)

I think I received the mailing for the last border a couple of weeks ago? Anyways... the mailing also included the fabric for the binding... so now I am all set to quilt it. Looking to machine quilt an allover meandering/stippling design... once I check out the situation with my domestic machine, I'll decide whether I need to send it to a longarm service (or not)...

We had some super strong storms with wicked lightening crash through here yesterday... did not cause any damage or power outages (thankful for that)... and now the air is cool and clean! Mix that with some falling leaves and the loud serenade of crickets in the evening... and it's really starting to look, sound and feel like Autumn is soon to arrive! :-) I'm so looking forward to it!

Until next time... stay healthy & keep on smiling!


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Temecula Summer Quilt - Week 10

End of Summer? Nope. Not here in Central Jersey... we had our hottest day of this Summer just yesterday, Sept 2nd! It was sooo hot (in the upper 90's) with super swampy humidity levels. A little less humid today... but still too hot to open the windows (and still be comfortable)...

And, I'm still stitching on my Temecula Summer Quilt! I'm hoping that Autumn temps will arrive as soon as I put the last border on? One can hope, anyways! :-)   In the meantime, here is the (next to last) border... which is Week 10.

This was another fun one to piece! It started with the dark brown strips (about 6" x 2")... then I had to stitch a tan triangle to one long side of the brown strip, then the other side of the dark brown strip (and press open to make the block). After awhile, the tan triangles started to look like toast... and the dark brown strips started to look like bacon! So, I was calling these my "bacon sammich blocks"... lol! Next was taking those blocks and piecing them together to make the zig zag pattern... once I put a couple of the borders together my DH says... "Why are you sewing a Charlie Brown shirt"? lol! ;-) So, I'm going to refer to this border as the "Charlie Brown Bacon Sammich Border"... ;-)

I have the fabrics for the final (week 11) border starched and pressed... the piecing instructions are super simple... so, the grand finale of this Summer series should be within the next couple of days!

Until next time... stay healthy & keep on smiling! :-)


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Temecula Summer Quilt - Week 9

As Summer is finishing, so is this Temecula Summer Block of the Week! This is Week 9. I had it stitched last weekend, but was not able to get a picture of it until this afternoon...

Right now, this quilt top has built it's borders out to 41" square! While I did receive the last weeks instructions in the mail already.... I did fall a bit behind on the piecing... Week 10 is on my sewing bench and in progress. The blocks are pieced together, they just need trimming and assembly into the border.

I also managed to get the quilting and binding finished on this little (approximately 12" square) quilt...

It's a Primitive Gatherings design from a couple of years back. The pattern was free... and I went and purchased the fabric kit for it because of the Glory Gatherings fabrics. Fun little piece, but now it is tucked away for next Summer...

Time to get the pumpkins and autumn leaves out for display...

Until next time... stay healthy and keep on smiling!


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