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Monday, April 20, 2015

Gripper Frame

I had a lot of interest in what brand of frame I was using for the punchneedle... unfortunately, the maker of the frame no longer sells the frames, but they do have a few punchneedle patterns for sale at various needlework shops. I thought it might be good to post a picture of the frame in case you were inspired to try to build one yourself...

Looks to me like something similar could be made using artist's canvas stretcher boards (found at your local crafts store) and some gripper strips. I know there are different kinds of gripper strips available. Some grip cottons better and some grip linens better as well as need to be mounted to the frame a certain way... so be sure to research the gripper strips before buying.

Of course, with eBay, Etsy and just searching for "gripper frame" in google (or any other search engine)... many different varieties of frames can be found that are already together and ready to go. I've seen them start at $45 and go on up to $200. It all depends on how fancy you want to get... and, if you want to use the frame for hooking rugs as well as punchneedle... so I guess the other main feature would be the size of the opening of the frame... mine is 7" and seems to work well with most of preprinted needlepunch designs...

Yes... I've retired the ol' Morgan Hoop I was using for punchneedle... she'll be tucked away and brought out when I feel like indulging in some embroidery or hand quilting.

I've also begun to list some handmade items on eBay this week. Most of them are made by me, like this little woolly lamb pull toy...

... but this other one is a Stacy Nash original from my pinkeep collection...

Click HERE to view the auctions. Thanks for taking the time to check them out... I'll try to update my blog here when new stuff gets added.

Until next time... stay healthy & keep on smiling!


Sunday, April 12, 2015

Many smalls on the way!

You all know that after one big and thought intense project.... a person is going to need some "quickies" to keep things happy! :-) So... I'll show you a quick pic of a punched piece I finished last weekend... still have to stitch it into an "official" finish, but the punching is complete...

I had thoughts of giving up needlepunch because all of that punching made my hand hurt and trying to keep the fabric drum tight in the hoop I had was bothersome... in other words... it just wasn't any fun, and hobbies should be FUN, right?

Well... Jacque over at Doodles Of My Mind blog had sent me a package at the end of last year. And wouldn't you know that inside that package was an awesome needlepunch frame! Just the right size and has gripper strips all around the edges. Those gripper strips make all the difference in how very tight it holds the fabric! Keeps it drum tight for the entire time you are punching. And because of that, makes punching easier on the hand and also more enjoyable since you don't have to keep stopping to re-tighten the fabric. Awesome! I've thanked Jacque many times for gifting me this frame!!! :-) And now, I'll be punching away on many more designs in the future!

This weekend was a breath of Spring air here in Central Jersey! Beautiful sunshine and warmer air created an opportunity to enjoy the yard. Yesterday was spent clearing out the flower garden and pruning the shrubs. And today was "open the windows and air out the house day"! :-) Did a little bit of Spring cleaning. It feels great! It's amazing what a little sunshine can do for a person's energy levels!

Until next time... stay healthy & keep on smiling!


Sunday, March 22, 2015

Summer Spools "All Done"!

Isn't that what we would say when we were kids? When we finished "cleaning our plates" of dinner? All Done? lol!

Well... I had finished piecing all the little spools together last weekend... but, just wasn't able to time some sunlight to take a picture outdoors. I really only needed to add the last border.... so when this Friday night rolled around I headed straight down to the sewing room to cut and sew! :-) Naturally we had snow on Friday (the first day of Spring)... then I had to wait for some of that to melt so I could find a sunny spot for pictures... noticed the super flat brown grass around the quilt! lol! Yes... the snow is melting and the March winds are blowing... so this quick picture was the best I could get for now...

"Quilt as desired" is next... *grin*

A couple of options I've been thinking about (for quilting)... since the spools finish up at 2" square, I'm going to refer to this as a "seam intense" piece that I probably would not enjoy hand quilting (too many layers of fabric). So I think I have two options if I'm going to quilt this myself (with my little ol' Kenmore). First being a simple stitch in the ditch following the square shapes of the blocks, then stitch around the applique elements in the center medallion. Second would be to freehand a meander over the entire quilt. The second option would be a first try for me as I haven't yet tried anything other than a straight stitch (with walking foot) for quilting on my machine. Any thoughts?

Eventually, I do plan on investing in a larger machine with more options for quilters... but, let's see what I can get this little Kenmore to do in the time between now and then.

Wishing everyone a belated National Quilt Day and Happy St. Patty's Day!!!

Until next time... stay healthy & keep on smiling!


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