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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Over the river and through the woods...

Does anyone remember packing the whole gang into one of these and driving to "the chosen home that is brimming with a delicious Thanksgiving feast"?!?!?

This is our 1967 Buick Grand Sport Wagon. We purchased it in the Spring of this year and it was the center of all our fun throughout the Summer. Car cruises, car shows and just relaxing evening drives to friend's houses for barbeques... ahhhh... sweet Summertime! :-)

But, let it be known I enjoy November for all that it is as well. It's cooling down here... all the leaves are down from the trees... so when the moon shines in the evening, it sparkles up the frost and cast long shadows all over! Beautiful! And, I actually don't mind it getting darker earlier in the evening either. Gives me an excuse to slow down and relax... cozy up the home with some quilts and tiny lights... enjoy a cup of tea... ahhhhh...

And for today, we have some turkey with a couple of fixin's... and a whole lotta football to enjoy! :-) Too much going on during this month to mention... but, I'll just summarize by saying that THIS Thanksgiving, of ALL the Thanksgiving's I have lived though... I really and truly do have A SUPER HUGE ABUNDANCE to be thankful for!!! We are blessed!!! :-)

Wishing you and yours a cozy, full, thankful and blessed Thanksgiving!!!


Tuesday, October 20, 2015



Sixteen years ago, when I married my sweetheart... my bouquet was made of peach roses...


To enjoy the memories of our wedding and also to enjoy it's sweet scent...I decided to plant a peach (tea rose) in my little garden that autumn.


THIS year, the beetles got the first bud in the Spring... then I went all Summer without a rose... and then FINALLY... three days ago, the FIRST and only bloom of this year happened!!! I made sure I breathed in it's aroma every morning and every evening! :-) The little bloom even survived the last two night's sub 32 degree FREEZING temps!


This morning we had some "visitors"...


The durn BUCK ate it!!!!

Now... I'm all for helping to care for the Earth's fuzzy creatures great and small... I know they are just surviving when they eat all my flowers... *sigh*... but... when I bought a house in the middle of suburbia (most properties are 50 x 150 feet here, so we are pretty densely populated in this area)... I figured the LAST thing I'd have to worry about is deer?

I thought that deer only lived "out in the country"...


I guess the joke's on me, huh!? ;-)

Until next time... stay healthy & keep on smiling!


Sunday, October 4, 2015

Coin Purse

One of my favorite designers is Minick and Simpson! Yes.... quilts and rugs! :-) Well... I was lucky enough to be able to sign on for their Bluebird Sampler BOM... and included with the last months block was a "thank you gift"... a cute little coin purse kit that included a charm pack of their Polka Dots & Paisleys fabric line... with all the rain we've been having from a Nor'easter this weekend, it was perfect weather for being indoors and stitching.

This is a fairly easy project... just some nine-patches and some hand sewing (the bracket to the cloth). Everything was included in this little kit... and the directions were excellent! Not only have I never made a purse before... but with lining too? lol!

Here's one side...
...and the other side...
....and the inside...
Yes... I could have taken more time in lining up the hand stitches on the inside... but, I'm OK with it.

This weekend's rib stickin' meal was homemade lasagne.  Made the meat sauce and then layered it all with mounds of noodles, mozzarella cheese and ricotta cheese! Yum! :-)

Wondering about those Pumpkin Spice cookies? Well... the Keebler ones are good. But, the flavor is more like a gingerbread cookie with super sweet icing. I usually eat 4 or 5 cookies at a sitting... but, 2 of these were enough. Good, but extremely rich... As for the Oreo Pumpkin Spice? Haven't gotten to them yet... ;-)

Cooler weather means more indoor time... so stayed tuned for more pic of projects!

Until next time... stay healthy & keep on smiling!


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